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Saxophonist Boney James’ Latest Album “Detour” Steers Jazz in New Directions. Two Shows on November 9th

Boney James, the chart-topping saxophonist renowned for his fusion of jazz and R&B, has embarked on a new musical journey with his 18th studio album, “Detour,” released in September 2022 via Concord Records. This latest record marks a subtle shift in his stylistic approach, building on the commercial success of his 2020 album “Solid,” which soared to the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it his highest-charting release on the pop charts. And Annapolis will get a taste of it on November 9th with two shows at Rams Head On Stage!

The title “Detour” aptly reflects the album’s creative inspiration. Boney James found renewed creative energy after experiencing the joy of performing live once again, following the disruptions caused by the pandemic. This unexpected detour in life led to a more experimental musical direction, with “Detour” showcasing innovative and imaginative compositions.

“Detour” offers a musical escape from our tumultuous world, transporting listeners through James’ contemporary jazz/R&B landscapes filled with vivid sonic images and cinematic storytelling. It represents a new extension of Boney James’ signature blend of genres, incorporating blues, soul, roots, classical, art-pop, and hip-hop elements.

While some may consider Boney James a legend and others may have yet to discover his music, he cherishes his unique place in the music world. The positive energy surrounding his recent work has been immensely gratifying to him.

The album kicks off with the title track, “Detour,” a playful duet between saxophone and piano that conjures the feeling of a leisurely road trip. Boney James selects titles for his compositions by closing his eyes and listening, ensuring that each name perfectly encapsulates the essence of the music.

Throughout the album, there are delightful musical detours. “Memphis” transports the listener to a steamy summer day with its bluesy melodies, while “Northern Lights” offers a glimpse of the aurora borealis through a mesmerizing soprano sax solo. The closing track, “Blur,” is a wistful lullaby that reflects on fleeting moments while pointing toward the future.

One of the album’s standout tracks, “Bring It Back,” showcases a dynamic interplay between James’ tenor sax and trumpeter Dontae Winslow, creating a spirited and funky musical dialogue.

“Dive into James’ distinctive contemporary jazz/R&B soundscapes, which include elements of blues, soul, roots, classical, art-pop, and hip-hop.”

“Detour” also features a touching tribute to Boney James’ late father, an entertainment attorney who represented him for most of his life. This neo-classical meditation, titled “Tribute,” combines harmonic jazz elements with a hip-hop pulse.

The album was primarily recorded at Boney James’ L.A. home studio, with live drums and percussion tracked at the renowned Sunset Sound. Collaborators include Jairus “J-Mo” Mozee, BeatsMadeByFresh (Christian Frazier), Tim Carmon, Omari Williams, Alex Al, Lenny Castro, Big Mike Hart, Paul Jackson Jr., and others.

Boney James’ musical journey has spanned over three decades, and his passion for making music and sharing it with the world continues to drive him. “Detour” is a testament to his enduring talent and his unwavering commitment to creating music that resonates with audiences.

For this inimitable artist, life truly begins at 60. With a successful career, a loving marriage, and a deep passion for making music, Boney James remains dedicated to sharing the magic of his live performances, forging a unique connection with his audience that transcends boundaries.

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