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When Will Maryland Get Serious About Illegal Immigrants?

| March 30, 2009, 02:23 PM | 8 Comments

Maryland is now a sanctuary state.

drivers-licenseCongratulations! Our own State is the ONLY state east of the Rockies that has not implemented federal guidelines to tighten up licensing requirements and require documentation of legal citizenship to obtain a license.  According to the Washington Post one Parcel Plus location was the “home address” for nearly 50 undocumented illegal immigrants.

I am not sure which part of the term “illegal” is stumping the O’Malley administration and our legislature–after all it is only three syllables long.  While homeland security certainly plays a part in the equation, your driver’s license is a gateway to virtually any other form of identification and credit.

Maryland has seen an influx of illegal immigrants over the past few years and turned a relative blind eye. Are we collecting the taxes we should be collecting? Are we charging the correct tuition at our State colleges and universities? Are these undocumented “citizens” partaking in our medical systems and other social services that are offered?

Legal citizens are required to play by the rules–but it seems those that aren’t legal, are given a pass.  But then again, it seems like our government is dealing with many more important issues!

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About the Author - John Frenaye

John is the publisher and editor of Eye On Annapolis. As a resident and business owner in Anne Arundel County for nearly 25 years, he realized that there was something missing in terms of community news–and Eye On Annapolis was born in late spring 2009.

John’s background is in the travel industry as a business owner, industry speaker, and travel writer. In terms of blogging and social media, he cut his teeth with

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Comments (8)

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  1. GAIL says:




  2. Marshal says:

    I will NEVER understand WHY our government panders to illegal aliens. They are terrorizing Americans and taking jobs that Americans desperately need. Washington state had a raid at an engine plant and 28 illegals were arrested, but not deported and were giving legal papers to continue to steal jobs. When will this madness end??? and The truth shall set you free.

  3. 1776er says:

    When Marty starts to see the people in Maryland hunting down these animals on the street, maybe he’ll change his attitude…its coming, and SOON!

  4. Anon says:

    It’s awesome that maryland is giving them a chance. Yes they’re “stealing jobs” but really, are 90% of those jobs even ones you would want? Most of them work in construction or cleaning services. Sounds real glamorous.
    I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining if you were in their position or if this was, oh I don’t know, maybe 30 or so years ago when immigrants were welcome because they helped businesses and money issues.
    It’s funny how they still do and yet you constantly bitch because it’s something in the media to complain about. Get over it, this will be settled like it has been various times in the past

  5. James Taxpayer says:

    Good day! You all don’t get it! They are illegals. Yes, maybe some of these jobs people may not want to do. However, they’re illegal and we give give them services for free. Why do I do I see Marylanders using these people? Then, they don’t pay taxes when they hire people. Actually breaking the law. Heck, we have people who need to get off welfare and could use those jobs. Get some respect and some dignity verses on welfare. We don’t need them. Many people would work these jobs. And stop making excuses for them, they’re illegal.

    You keep paying for them.


  6. Gloria Roye says:

    The State of Maryland no longer offers drivers licenses to illegal aliens. See the email letter that I received, after I wrote a letter to Gov. O’Mally. If we want change we must speak out and write letters to our Representatives. Together we can bring about the right kind of change.



    Dear Miss,

    Thank you for contacting Governor O’Malley regarding House Bill 387 – Vehicle Laws – Lawful Status in the United States – Material Compliance with Federal Requirements. The Governor has received your correspondence and has asked that I respond on his behalf.

    Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, the security and integrity of state driver’s licenses and identification cards in the United States has been subject to a much higher level of public scrutiny. In 2005, federal lawmakers passed the REAL ID Act, which obliges each state to require driver’s license applicants to prove citizenship or lawful presence in the country. Failure to comply will result in the prohibition of that state’s driver’s license to be used for any federal purpose, including entering an airport, or any federal building. As of April 2009, Maryland was one of just four states, including Hawaii, Washington State and New Mexico, and the only state east of the Rocky Mountains that did not require lawful presence in application for a driver’s license or identification card.

    During the 2009 Session, the O’Malley Administration supported legislation to require proof of lawful presence to obtain a Maryland driver’s license. After heated debate, a hard fought compromise was reached between the House and Senate, and the Governor signed House Bill 387 into law. The legislation brings Maryland into compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act and ensures that all Maryland residents who are lawfully present in the United States are able to continue to utilize their MVA issued driver’s licenses and identification cards for federal purposes.

    As enacted by the General Assembly, House Bill 387 requires all new applicants for a Maryland driver’s license or identification card to demonstrate proof of lawful presence and provide a verifiable social security number. Individuals that currently hold a valid Maryland driver’s license or identification card but cannot provide proof that they are in the United States legally will be allowed to renew their license or identification card, however, such documents must expire by July 1, 2015. Any renewal of a driver’s license or identification card after July 1, 2015 will require proof of lawful presence with acceptable documentation.

    I hope this provides some insight as to why the Governor decided to support a lawful presence requirement for Maryland driver’s licenses. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns with the Governor.


    Joseph C. Bryce
    Senior Legislative and Policy Advisor

  7. turies says:

    southern CA is the #1 sanctuary state for illegal mexican immigrants. following CA will impact ur everyday citizens at the home level. to understand this watch this hidden video, & don’t let this happen to ur communities …these illegals r not ur educated, law abiding, god fearing upper middle-class folk! they’re the scum of the earth, morally bankrupt, desperate low-life’s. they r brazen beyond belief. once in ur communities they travel to upscale neighborhoods to prowl ur streets, come into ur yard digging in ur trash cans for cans, ss & credit card numbers. police will not respond & if u tell them to get off ur property u r at risk of being attacked or killed. waste no time in demanding that city officials enforce trespassing laws! good luck.

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