December 6, 2023
Annapolis, US 42 F

When Will Maryland Get Serious About Illegal Immigrants?

Maryland is now a sanctuary state.

drivers-licenseCongratulations! Our own State is the ONLY state east of the Rockies that has not implemented federal guidelines to tighten up licensing requirements and require documentation of legal citizenship to obtain a license.  According to the Washington Post one Parcel Plus location was the “home address” for nearly 50 undocumented illegal immigrants.

I am not sure which part of the term “illegal” is stumping the O’Malley administration and our legislature–after all it is only three syllables long.  While homeland security certainly plays a part in the equation, your driver’s license is a gateway to virtually any other form of identification and credit.

Maryland has seen an influx of illegal immigrants over the past few years and turned a relative blind eye. Are we collecting the taxes we should be collecting? Are we charging the correct tuition at our State colleges and universities? Are these undocumented “citizens” partaking in our medical systems and other social services that are offered?

Legal citizens are required to play by the rules–but it seems those that aren’t legal, are given a pass.  But then again, it seems like our government is dealing with many more important issues!

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