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How To Make Your Room Look Bigger 

Do you wish the rooms in your house were bigger? Or perhaps it’s just one room that bothers you — lots of people don’t like having a small living room or bedroom, for example. The great thing is that you don’t have to move to get more space and you don’t need to build an extension (although if you want to do these things, then, of course, go ahead). There are actually some easy things that you can do that will make all the difference and ensure that your room looks much bigger. If this sounds like something you want to try, keep reading for some useful advice. 

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Scale Down Your Furniture 

One of the most important aspects of making a room look and feel bigger is choosing the right furniture. When you’ve only got a limited space to work with, it’s crucial to scale down your furniture to make sure it fits the room properly. Bulky and oversized items will make a small room feel even more cramped and ultimately uncomfortable. Ideally, you should choose furniture that’s sleek and fairly small, which will allow you to create the illusion of more space. 

It’s also a good idea to choose multifunctional furniture if you’ve got a small room, such as a bed with storage drawers under it or a dining table that folds away and can be moved from the center of the room when you’re not using it. This will give you even more space and will help you keep your home much tidier. 

Low-Profile Furniture 

As well as choosing furniture that’s the right size for the room, going for low-profile pieces is another great tip. Low-profile furniture, which could be coffee tables, sofas, or perhaps even bean bag chairs can make a room look modern and comfortable and will give the room a better feeling of openness as there’ll be more space in your eyeline when you’re moving around the room or going to and from it. Even if the furniture technically takes up the same amount of floor space, the illusion will still work well. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can really make a difference when you want to change the way a room looks, especially when it comes to making it look bigger than it really is. When you put mirrors in the right places so they can reflect both natural and artificial light, you’ll find that your rooms are much brighter, and this alone makes them feel larger than they are. 

If you have the space, you can put a large mirror on one wall so that it reflects the light as mentioned above, and in some cases, this can make the room feel as much as double the size that it really is. Of course, you won’t actually have a bigger room, but it’ll be a much more comfortable space to be in. 

Remove Curtains 

Although you might like to have curtains because they offer you some privacy and can also add some color and elegance to your living spaces, they can also unfortunately make the space look and feel smaller, so it can be wise to do away with them altogether. 

If you still want privacy, you can use shutters or blinds instead of curtains, and if you really don’t like the idea of removing your curtains completely, at least switch from darker, heavier materials to lighter, thinner ones. 

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