June 18, 2024
Annapolis, US 79 F

Bloomstone Jewelers Launches Innovative Lab-Grown Diamond Store in Harbour Center

Bloomstone Jewelers is set to introduce a new era in the jewelry market with the opening of its first lab-grown diamond retail store in Annapolis, Maryland. Scheduled to open its doors on April 19th at noon, the store aligns its launch with both Diamond Month and Earth Day weekend, signifying its commitment to sustainable luxury.

Owned and managed by diamond industry veteran Constance Polamalu, Bloomstone Jewelers emerges as a pioneer in the lab-grown diamond sector. The store’s philosophy, “Grown with love and cut with precision,” reflects its dedication to quality and innovation in jewelry crafting. Polamalu’s active involvement in the selection and craftsmanship process underscores her commitment to offering pristine-quality diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have been gaining popularity for their accessibility and ethical production. Addressing this growing market, Polamalu emphasizes the attainability of lab-grown diamonds compared to their natural counterparts. “Human ingenuity makes the diamond of your dreams accessible,” she states, highlighting the balance between aspiration and attainability in the world of diamonds.

Bloomstone’s approach extends beyond sales, focusing also on consumer education and transparency. This ethos is part of the store’s broader mission to empower customers in making informed decisions about their jewelry. Additionally, the brand’s support of Miss Earth USA showcases its dedication to environmental advocacy and social responsibility.

Located at the Annapolis Harbour Center, Bloomstone Jewelers aims to offer a seamless shopping experience, both in-store and online at www.bloomstonejewelers.com. With a diverse selection of styles and a commitment to innovation and technology, the store is positioned to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers.

For more information on Bloomstone Jewelers and their innovative approach to lab-grown diamonds, please visit their website or come to the grand opening!

The store’s grand opening on Friday, April 19th at noon, will mark a significant moment in the evolution of the jewelry industry, championing both sustainable practices and accessibility in luxury.

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