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Why Annapolis is Keen to Showcase Local Artists

The art world is vast. It is a genuinely global industry of artists, collectors, and appreciators from all corners of the world. The advent of modern digital technology has only worked to further globalize art, connecting people from the far corners of the planet and opening up a new way for creators to publish and share their work.

While the benefits of this globalization are tangible, some believe it has come at the expense of local artists and art scenes. It’s certainly true that many local artists these days are being overlooked in favor of more popular international names. That’s one of the reasons why Annapolis is so committed to showcasing local artists. It can come with many benefits both for artists and the wider community. Let’s find out more.

It Helps Grow Communities

Art is built upon the idea of collaboration. Even seemingly solo artists will be influenced by the work and the ideas of others, collaborating with contemporaries and artists from history without even necessarily being aware of it.

Art shows are where local communities can come together and appreciate the work of those among them. They offer a place for artists to connect and share ideas and are often a hotbed of creativity and inspiration. With the decline in art shows focused on local artists, we’ve seen these communities suffer and dwindle. This is one of the main reasons why Annapolis is so eager to showcase local artists. By bringing local creators together, the community will flourish and grow, inspiring more work and artists to get involved in the scene.

Showcasing local art isn’t just beneficial for the broader art community, but it can also help cultivate and foster specific communities based on particular ideas like art movements or religion. Showcasing Jewish abstract art, for example, will help both the art scene and the Jewish community as a whole.

It Benefits The Economy

It’s no secret that times are tough. Economic uncertainty and instability, combined with skyrocketing energy bills and inflation, have seen both individuals and communities suffer in the US and worldwide. Showcasing local artists can be an incredibly effective way to inspire people to get involved in their local communities. It has been proven to increase engagement with local services and promote community spirit.

Art is fantastic for appealing to younger generations. These young people represent our future, so encouraging them to get involved with their local community and work to benefit one another is absolutely crucial if we want to guarantee a secure and prosperous future.

What’s more, local art shows will also attract tourists. Major art exhibitions often tour multiple cities, so by hosting a local art show, Annapolis will offer something unique for tourists they cannot get elsewhere.


Showcasing local artists can come with many incredible benefits. Not only will it foster a community and support local artists, but it will also benefit the economy and attract more tourists to the city. 

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