July 15, 2024
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Annapolis Businesses – Charting the Path to the New Normal, From Surviving to Thriving

In the years to come, the current era will have a clear demarcation in terms of the time before COVID-19 and the emerging new normal after it. The way business and society have traditionally operated shall see a dramatic restructuring of the social and economic order.

In the future, we will have debates and discussions about how the next normal will be, what could it entail, and how sharply does its silhouette differ from the earlier ones?

Today we try to answer those questions and delve deeper to navigate through the crisis. It can be hard to think of the big picture when you need to focus on keeping your head just above the water. However, before you undertake any decision, it is crucial to identify whether the challenges are structural or cyclical.

Prevailing Conditions

The fear of the virus has led to a change in the way Annapolis dines today. The majority of the population craves to dine outdoors vis-à-vis their earlier choices. Around 50% of the residents have had their first dose of the vaccine or are fully vaccinated.

The Inner West Street Association started its live music and outdoor dining with Dining Under the Stars and (as always) received a warm welcome and was in tune with the changing weather conditions. The overwhelming response led the organizers to add additional nights so that more people get accommodated.

Such a response is common across the various establishments in Annapolis, which saw several entities going out of business in the previous year.

Most of the Annapolis businesses are reopening with extra caution and safety measures in place. Such steps include social distancing, wearing a mask, or avoiding unnecessary congestion. Therefore it is only wise for the businesses that are planning to sell off to hold their decision.

Rise of Remote Working

There is a rise in remote working thanks to the big tech companies. The tools that the tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others bring to the table helped shape a virtual network medium versus in-person. Such processes and changes are helping to make the work productive like before.<

Although similar to all other places, the residents of Annapolis are embracing the change, but you may feel left out occasionally. However, it is helping the service providers to support their customers and get the tasks accomplished on time.

If you plan to join the bandwagon, you can take your business online and adapt to the remote working setting. To begin with, you need to set up a remote office. It should have all the necessary stationeries and requisite documents which are essential for your business.

It can include brand embossers and company seals that you can carry back from your office or order a new one. To get personalized embossers you can check the various online service providers and order a custom-built embosser for your business. You can get the other necessary stationery from your local stationery shop.

Once you start, you may find networking to be much harder vis-à-vis the erstwhile in-person mode. It also happens that the productivity expectations differ from person to person. As you delve deeper, you will find that the self-directed learning methods become suddenly more crucial. However, it is critical to note that remote working is a skill that not everyone can do. To get your work going, you should hire people who exhibit such a skill.

Way Forward

Although many businesses continue to support their staff and the client throughout the pandemic through remote working, should it be the way forward for you?

While there are two prevailing approaches to this, both have their positives and negatives. Many Fortune 500 companies are calling back people to offices to curb the impact on the work culture. Psychological evaluations also suggest that remote working at times makes people feel lonely.

In the second approach, companies continue to subscribe to the remote working model as it shows higher signs of productivity. The paradigm shift of the workforce in the last few years has led to a change in behavior. According to these companies, disturbing this trend can lead to lower motivation and dissatisfaction among the staff.

Therefore, in conclusion, it all boils down to the objective that you have for your business. With the opening of the economy, you can choose to have processes that can enable you to continue your business and thrive in the days ahead.

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