March 28, 2023
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Illegal Immigration Raid Comment

A Different Perspective

The following comment was left in response to the Timbuktu Restaurant raid on Thursday.  Any comments?

Where are my friends now? They were not “criminals” as no drugs or contraband were found. They were handcuffed and had leg irons put on them like a bunch of animals. This is a frightening episode and reminded me of the gestapo. What was all this nonsense Obama was nattering on about in his election promises? I guess he has forgotten too. If you or your children had experienced this police action, you too might think twice about how loverly our police policies are. These men served you food and cleaned up your dirty plates and messes for YEARS. This is how we thank them? Welcome to America and I pray for your safe passage home….to absolute poverty and destitution again. I am so sorry for these men.

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  1. Yes, they ARE criminals if they are in our country ILLEGALLY. I hope and pray that anyone who was detained and found to be in our country illegally is deported. As a taxpayer and legal citizen, I am sick and tired of illegal aliens invading my country, evading our taxes, and using taxpayer funded services without paying into such services. I am sick and tired of illegal aliens marching in our streets demanding rights in a country they have invaded. I am sick and tired of of funding anchor babies born in my country to illegal alien invaders. We will not stop fighting until every single illegal alien is arrested and deported! God Bless America!

  2. FYI Mike, immigrants without legal status can pay taxes, the government gives them a taxpayer number. Many of them do. They know that this can help them if they become eligible for LPR or citizenship. However, if they have used social services (e.g.: food stamps) this will greatly diminish their chances of ever being able to become a LPR or citizen.

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