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Simple Hacks to Save Money on Groceries in Maryland

What are Simple Hacks to Save Cash on Grocery Expenses in Maryland? 

Grocery shopping nowadays can feel like a nightmare due to the rising prices. As a resident of Maryland, you know all too well that groceries and other necessities are expensive, and the cost of living is 16% higher than the national average. A basic trip to the grocery store can easily become very expensive when you rack up all your items at the checkout counter. 

The average American household spends more than $1,000 a month on groceries alone, but it can easily be higher in Maryland. If you add your grocery expenses with other urgent costs, like your rent, utilities, or recurring loan payments like auto insurance or auto title loans, you may go over your monthly budget and dry out your bank account.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to save your bank account and maintain your budget. With these tips and tricks at your disposal, you can become a smarter shopper when grocery shopping. 

Take a look at some simple hacks to save money on groceries this year that will benefit you starting today:

Buy Store-Brand Products

Many people tend to ignore store-brand items in favor of the same products with popular names. This occurrence has several reasons, but some experts agree that shoppers stick with famous items because of familiarity and brand loyalty. As a result of that mentality, you can lose plenty of money by choosing products that are otherwise cheaper with generic alternatives. Why pay $2.49 for Soft Soap when you can get a store-brand product at a lower price?

However, the affordability of a store-brand product isn’t the only benefit of purchasing this alternative option. In many cases, a generic brand can have the same level of quality as its popular counterparts. Of course, every item varies in quality, but you can expect to find some products similar to famous names at a cheaper price. Just ensure you research reviews online to see what the consensus is for a specific item.

Be aware that you don’t have to buy generic brands solely from now on. There are some items, like brand-named beverages, that most consumers find irreplaceable. What you can do is find a great balance between getting popular and store-brand products to maintain your budget. If you see that a generic brand is more economical, don’t be afraid to pick it up and try it out. 

Stick to Your Grocery List While Shopping

Everyone has been guilty of impulse buying at some point in their lives. In fact, American consumers in 2023 spent an average of about $150 a month solely on impulse purchases. While that might not sound like significant, your expenses can add up if you mix your frivolous spending with the items you need. 

That’s why it’s recommended that you write a shopping list before going to the store. You can hold yourself accountable through that strategy by focusing on the essentials you need to survive. Be sure to use tips and tricks like writing a wishlist for all the impulse purchases you’d like to make at the moment. That way, you can have the motivation to get that item later or disregard the idea after giving yourself some time. If you need extra help focusing on your necessities, you can write your financial goals at the top of the shopping list.

Although people traditionally write lists on paper, you can make things easier by downloading a shopping list app. Not only can you create lists in a breeze, but you can also use different features to enhance your preparations. For example, AnyList can help you get items quicker by putting pictures next to the products on your list. Additionally, the app lets you filter your list of items and only shows products from a specific store. If you want help organizing your shopping list, you can download apps like Cozi to have your family members add to it in real-time. 

Take Advantage of a Store’s Loyalty Program

A grocery store’s loyalty program is one of the most straightforward hacks to help you save money while shopping. With programs like a point-based system, you can earn points for every purchase you make and redeem them for things like discounts and free items. On the other hand, tiered loyalty programs will reward customers with benefits for their spending habits or the milestones they’ve made while shopping. However, there are other program options like the cashback system where, as the namesake says, you’re rewarded with cash after every purchase you make.

No matter what program you have, it’s possible to earn benefits that can let you grow your budget. However, not every store has the same type of system, so it’s important to do your research before shopping. If you have questions about the benefits of a store’s program, don’t hesitate to contact a representative for further information. Ensure you find the right programs to benefit your wallet when buying groceries.

Go Shopping During Off-Peak Hours

Believe it or not, the supermarket crowds can affect your spending habits. If you’re trying to buy items in an aisle full of people, it is likely that you won’t have the patience to look at every product carefully and verify the price. After all, if groups are surrounding different sections of the aisle, you’d probably choose to get the nearest item and get out of there quickly. However, because of that impulsive decision, you might have left with an expensive option instead of a cheaper one.

In order to avoid those consequences, it is best to go shopping during off-peak hours of the day. According to Business Insider, evenings or middays on the weekends are the worst times to visit a grocery store. So, it’s best to shop early in the morning or late at night to get everything you need without any rush. It’s worth noting, though, that weekends are usually busy no matter what time you go shopping. Yet, if you shop right when the store is open, you’ll likely have the store mostly to yourself. 

Use Your Grocery Store’s App

Saving money on groceries has never been easier than downloading a supermarket’s smartphone app. Through that option, you can insert coupons for different items on your list that will automatically discount products once you pay for them. All you have to do is present the coupon barcodes at the checkout counter, and you’re good to go! 

Keep in mind that most grocery store apps can personalize coupons based on what you shop. Additionally, grocery stores constantly update their coupons so that you may find great deals for several items. If you want a good method for saving cash, you can try to stack multiple coupons on a single purchase to reduce the overall cost. However, don’t use digital deals for a popular brand if you see that a generic product is cheaper, even with that item’s coupon. If you find a coupon for an unnecessary item, ensure you don’t use it and stay within your budget. Just be strategic with your coupons and be mindful about what you put your money into. 

Bottom Line – Apply Simple Hacks When Grocery Shopping and Save Money for Other Expenses in Maryland

The current economic climate makes it difficult for Maryland residents to get their basic necessities from a grocery store. However, a person’s spending habits can also make a shopping trip overpriced and challenging to afford. If you apply the previously mentioned hacks and other strategies, you can save plenty of money for all your urgent expenses. 

Research different methods online that can help you maintain your budget throughout the year. If you’re frugal and are smart with your spending, you will save enough money to keep yourself afloat! Don’t hesitate to contact LoanMart today if you need title loans in Maryland to help you access more money to spend on groceries and other necessities. 

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