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Chrissy Holt files to run for District 30 Senate seat

Chrissy HoltCareer businesswoman Chrissy Holt, an outspoken proponent of healthcare reform and other progressive issues, announced that she will enter the 2018 Democratic primary in the Maryland State Senate race for District 30.

With 25 years’ experience in business, Chrissy Holt understands how to create good jobs with living wages. She has entrepreneurial and management skills and was on the ground floor of the enormously successful tech company CareerBuilder.  Holt is currently a business development leader for the Disney Institute of the Walt Disney Company.

An Annapolis resident, Holt has spent more than two decades advocating a Medicare-for-all option for the families of uninsured patients with dire, costly illnesses. Holt’s 22-year-old son was born with severe hemophilia A and thus deemed uninsurable for a preexisting condition. His monthly blood-clotting treatments now exceeds $30,000/month, a burdensome cost, Holt said, that no family should have to bear.

“Today it’s a curse to be born sick in America,” Holt said. “The United States is the only developed country in the world without a universal health care system, and Americans are dying of discrimination from illness, age, income, and race.”

Chrissy Holt is one of Maryland’s seminal voices appealing for health care equity. Holt has consistently worked with Federal and State legislators to promote bills aimed at lessening healthcare dysfunction and the onerous costs for those already suffering.

“At its essence,” she said, “this is a moral issue.”

Where the Affordable Care Act succeeded by insuring some 20 million more Americans and removing the barriers to preexisting conditions, Holt said, it failed by giving private insurers more leverage through greater funding.

Holt also proposes remedies to stanch the substance-abuse pandemic ravaging Maryland and beyond. After her first husband died of alcoholism in 2011, Holt prompted state lawmakers and made public appeals to address the scourge of alcohol and later opioid and other addictions. Here again, she said, a lack of insurance too often forces those battling addiction out of hospitals, thereby choking hopes of rehabilitation.

In 2016, Holt noted, more than 64,000 people died of overdoses in the U.S. “In terms of casualties,” she said, “that’s like 9/11 happening every two-and-a-half weeks.”

In response, she has launched a “Healthy people, healthy communities, healthy environment” campaign, pledging to sponsor progressive measures that engender access to healthcare, help for recovery from addictions, economic and racial fairness, gun control, environmental restoration, and protection, globally competitive education and equitable taxation.

Chrissy Holt is a true Marylander.  Born and raised in Maryland, she earned a degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland. She later earned a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics.

For additional information and greater insight into Holt’s policy positions, please visit:

Website:  https://www.chrissyholt.com

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