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Naval Academy’s Historic Color Parade Recognizes Leading Midshipmen

The academy’s annual Color Parade honored the fall and spring color companies earlier today on Worden Field at 11 a.m.

Before the parade, the Academy’s silent drill team, the Jolly Rogers, performed. Established in 1990, the platoon showcased a unique precision drill exhibition representing the Brigade’s highest ideals of teamwork and discipline. The platoon was led by Midshipman 2nd Class (junior) Joseph Lusby from Lusby, Maryland.

The Color Parade is the oldest parade at the U.S. Naval Academy, a tradition that began in 1867. This event marks the final milestones for the First Class (senior) midshipmen as it is their last full dress parade at the Academy. The highlight of the Color Parade was the formal presentation of the color company guide-on to the company that excelled in academics, athletics, and professional accomplishments during the fall and spring semesters.

The midshipmen of the 12th Company earned the honor of being designated as the spring color company. The midshipmen of 14th Company earned the honor of being designated the fall color company.

Midshipman 1st Class Sam Levine of Elkridge, Maryland, is the 12th Company commander. Prior to the parade, he received the Stewart Wight Hannah Memorial Award, a silver bowl donated by the parents of the late Ensign Stewart Wight Hannah, Class of 1956. It will be displayed in Bancroft Hall throughout the academic year and is inscribed with the spring semester color company number and commander’s name.

A color honoree was selected by the winning spring semester company commander. Levine selected his mother, Mrs. Amy Brager, of Elkridge, Maryland, as the color honoree. The color honoree assisted in the presentation of the color company guide-on, a tradition that began in 1871.

Midshipman 1st Class Kristina Cornelio of the 14th Company, from Auburn, Maine, served as the fall semester color company commander. Prior to the parade, Cornelio received the Forrestal Award, an engraved silver tray donated by the late Charles P. McCormick and presented in honor of the nation’s first Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal. The 14th Company is currently commanded by Midshipman 1st Class Maya Ghali of Redmond, Washington.

Naval Academy Superintendent VADM Yvette M. Davids, Class of 1989, was the reviewing official for the parade.

For more information about the Naval Academy, please visit www.usna.edu.

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