May 27, 2024
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Bloomstone Jewelers Opens at Harbour Center with a Sparkle

Not a boom. Not a bang. But Bloomstone Jewelers opened on Friday at the Harbour Center in Annapolis with a big sparkle.

Bloomstone Jewelers, the only jeweler dedicated to lab-grown diamonds, cut the ribbon on April 19th. Planned to coincide with Earth Day weekend, it highlights the store’s commitment to sustainable practices. Constance Polamalu, owner and a key figure in the diamond industry, invites the public to explore the high-quality, lab-created diamonds, emphasizing their affordability and accessibility.

The store’s motto, “Grown with love and cut with precision,” reflects its approach to creating diamonds that meet high-quality standards. Polamalu has personally overseen the selection process and collaborated with skilled craftsmen to ensure each diamond meets these expectations. Additionally, Bloomstone Jewelers proudly supports Miss Earth USA, aligning with the pageant’s focus on environmental advocacy.

Polamalu comments on the increasing demand for lab-grown diamonds, noting that these stones make the luxury of diamonds more accessible to a broader audience. She highlights the difference between traditional and lab-grown diamonds, stating, “Natural diamonds are often aspirational; lab-grown are attainable. Both deliver the diamond dream.”

Bloomstone Jewelers provides a seamless shopping experience. It offers a wide selection of styles both in-store and online at . The store is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction and offers stylish, high-quality products.

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