February 6, 2023
Annapolis, US 52 F

Dog Shooter Lawyers Up

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Keith Shephard, the off duty federal police officer who shot a dog in a dog park on Monday night has lawyered up with his lawyer claiming self defense.

The Sun also reports that he has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Please read the link for more details.

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  1. Good! His trigger happy self needs more than just a leave of absence! Hope he has his medical report, Asia’s veterinarian report, and his counselors report..Since he is claiming Bear Bear bit everyone, and he was protecting his family. Such a family man that never even offered an apology to Bear Bears family. Disgusting! May justice finally prevail for dogs everywhere! And may Bear Bears memory HAUNT the rest of Shephards lousy low life!

  2. How wonderful! Between the Police and a good bottom feeding lawyer I’m sure he will get off scott free and move on to kill again. How safe we must feel knowing he will be out there…armed.

  3. Yep, he lawyered-up with a defense attorney named “Putzi”. Being from New York, I can only imagine this guy is a tough lawyer. Anybody with “Putz” in his name must have had a tough adolescence.

    Let’s see what comes out. It shouldn’t take long to do the investigation with all the community outrage.

    I’ll just bet Keith Shephard is the pride and joy of the Ft Myer-Henderson Hall Rent-a-Cops these days… He’d better hope the evidence proves him right.

    Finally, a curious note: How can a GS-7 afford a house in Severn?

  4. How can a GS-7 afford a house in Severn? Are they outrageously priced or something?

    Federal Cops get supplemented pay, so their actual salary is higher than what is posted on any government salary chart website. The supplemental portion is used to offset the cost of living allowance.

    Since when did Severn become such a swanky area with out-of-reach homes? If that is the case, someone better clue in the folks in Pioneer City and Meade Village…

  5. My mistake. Maybe I spent too much time in Annapolis, “that drinking town with a sailing problem.”

    Forty-odd years ago, holding a .22 cal rifle for the first time at Boy Scout camp, I remember my father telling me that I was responsible for whatever that bullet did until it stopped in the downrange sandbags. I never forgot those words.

    As a rescue volunteer for many years, it’s hard to swallow the bile and wait for the investigation and other processes that follow to run its’ course.

    Mr. DoDCop had better hope he can prove himself non-culpable. Trained, in a position of public trust, and as a civil servant, he has to meet a higher standard of conduct. We the people deserve nothing less than complete accountability.

    Finish the investigation. Let him be judged.

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