July 14, 2024
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Historic Annapolis Presents 2023 Preservation Awards

Historic Annapolis (HA) issues annual Preservation Awards to celebrate individuals, groups, or projects that exemplify dedication to historic preservation in Annapolis. This year, HA presented three awards to four recipients at our Annual Meeting held at the Governor Calvert House: Tim Leahy, Vince Leggett, and James and Sylvia Earl. Through their work as community leaders and stewards of our built and intangible culture, these honorees have ensured that the public, and future generations, will be aware of the rich heritage of Maryland’s capital city.

Tim Leahy receives an HA Preservation Award from Rachel Robinson, HA Vice President of Preservation, Karen Theimer Brown, HA President & CEO, and Jim O’Hare, Chair of HA’s Board of Trustees. Photo: Ken Tom

Tim Leahy, former chair of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), is a trained architect who has long been committed to the preservation of Annapolis’s historic built environment. He understands the cumulative effect of HPC decisions over time and the necessity, in a place like Annapolis, for a strong preservation foundation of good policies and design guidelines, plus active support and enforcement. Leahy’s 15-year tenure on the HPC will have lasting effect on the preservation of the human scale, character, and detail that make the Annapolis historic district look and feel the way it does today and serve as an economic engine for heritage tourism.

Vince Leggett receives an HA Preservation Award from Jim O’Hare, Chair of HA’s Board of Trustees, Karen Theimer Brown, HA President & CEO, and Rachel Robinson, HA Vice President of Preservation. Photo: Ken Tom

Vince Leggett is founder and president of Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation, which documents, promotes, and educates on the significant contribution of Africans to the Chesapeake Bay’s maritime industries and culture. Leggett and his organization amplify African American voices of the Chesapeake and provide agency and attribution. A Baltimore native who was introduced to the Bay by his father through fishing, Leggett is an important partner and collaborator in the Annapolis region, to include teaming up with HA to create the exhibit, “Summer’s Legacy: Preserving the Beaches,” currently on display in the Community Gallery at the Museum of Historic Annapolis. This exhibit is a partnership between Blacks of the Chesapeake, the Chesapeake Conservancy, and Historic Annapolis, and is funded in part by Chesapeake Crossroads Heritage Area and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.

James and Sylvia Earl receive an HA Preservation Award from Rachel Robinson, HA Vice President of Preservation, Jim O’Hare, Chair of HA’s Board of Trustees, and Karen Theimer Brown, HA President & CEO. Photo: Ken Tom

James and Sylvia Earl are a dynamic philanthropic couple dedicated to the arts and sciences. Their passion and generosity have directly contributed to the faithful restoration of the James Brice House (1774), an extensive project under HA management on behalf of the State of Maryland. Returning this impressive five-part Georgian house to its 18th century appearance involves the painstaking material conservation of interior plaster details. HA is able to achieve the highest standard of architectural preservation at the Brice House due to the Earls’ investment—a gift to the people of Maryland who own this landmark building. Upon completion of the restoration, the house will be open to the public for the first time in its history.

“HA is pleased to honor these individuals who are committed to the past, present, and future of Annapolis’s architecture, history, and people,” said President and CEO Karen Theimer Brown. “This year’s Preservation Awards allow us the opportunity to honor the Earls, Vince, and Tim for their leadership and exceptional accomplishments, and their ongoing dedication and commitment to the preservation work of today for future generations.”

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