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Are There Any Differences Between the Mewing Processes for Women and Men?

Mewing is a type of exercise that helps you improve your facial muscles and, in effect, can influence your facial appearance. It can be performed by men and women, but are there any significant differences between mewing for women and men? We checked with https://mewing.coach/. Read on!

Is Mewing Popular Among Women?

Mewing in general, is much more prevalent among men. It allows them to achieve an attractive appearance. A visible jawline is considered a very masculine trait, so men are likelier to try mewing. 

Even though the community of female mewers is much smaller, incredible results can be noticed, especially on the “before and after” photos. Among females that practice mewing regularly, we can notice that double chins are reduced or even disappear. The skin under the jaw is not saggy and is much more tightened than when the person didn’t practice mewing. The lower jaw is more visible. 

Males experience very similar results, although they present differently on their faces. Men who mew regularly usually look more masculine, as their jawline is very defined and can even appear bigger. 

How Does Mewing Work?

The idea behind mewing is to keep your tongue in the correct posture. It should be pressed against the roof of your mouth. It should fully touch your palate. The tip of your tongue should be right before your front teeth, but remember to not touch them. Your bottom and top jaws should rest delicately on each other at the molars. 

When you practice mewing, you can’t breathe through your mouth and naturally start breathing through your nose. There are additional mewing exercises that you can explore once you learn the basics. 

Some of the Benefits of Regular Mewing

Even after a month of practicing, you can notice some benefits of mewing. Remember that mewing is not only about your appearance. It can also help you solve some health issues. You can make your teeth more aligned and reduce or eliminate sleep apnea because your breathing system can start working better. Because mewing promotes a proper body posture, you might notice less back pain. The correct posture can also reduce the risk of migraines, which can be especially important for women, as they are affected by this issue much more often than men. 

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