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3 Tips for Celebrating Passover in Maryland

Passover will be here before we know it. It’s a time when we celebrate our faith and cultural history, coming together with family, friends, and loved ones to spend quality time together.

Passover is celebrated by Jewish people worldwide, particularly in the US, where there is an enormous Jewish population. If you’re a resident of Maryland, you may be wondering how to celebrate Passover when it arrives this April. We’ve put together a guide with three top tips to give you some ideas. Check it out below.

Host the Seder

The Seder is a traditional feast to mark the Passover holiday’s beginning. Some Seders are small, while others are large and extravagant and feature dozens of people. Regardless of the size, hosting the Seder can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it does require a deal of planning and preparation to do correctly.

You’ll need to prepare particular foods eaten at Passover, such as unleavened bread, lamb shank, and green vegetables such as celery or parsley. You will also need certain items of Judaica to host the Seder, including things like a Seder plate, Kiddush cups, and tallit clips. The kind of Judaica you get will depend on your budget, but you should try to get the best you can to impress your guests.

Hosting the Seder can be a fantastic experience, and it can strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Passover places particular emphasis on children, and they will be sure to enjoy the Seder, with activities such as the Four Questions and the hunt for the Affikomen.

Get Out into the Community

Passover is a time when the Jewish community comes together and celebrates the story of the Jews’s escape from enslavement in Ancient Egypt. Whether you are in Baltimore or Annapolis, it’s important that you get out into the wider community and socialize with your fellow Jewish people. If possible, invite your close neighbors to your Seder to forge new friendships and meaningful connections.

Visit an Event

Passover is the most celebrated event on the Jewish calendar. This means there will be a range of different community events across Maryland designed to bring people together and celebrate the Jewish faith.

The Temple Beth Shalom synagogue will be hosting special Passover services for the duration of the holiday and a Passover Seder on the 9th of April. Attending the synagogue is an important part of Passover as it allows you to respect and reflect on the significance of the holiday.


Passover is a wonderful time of year that brings together people from all corners of the Jewish faith. If you are in Maryland, there are various ways in which you can celebrate this holiday. You could host the Seder, inviting friends and family. You could also get out into the community and meet other Jewish Marylanders. Finally, it’s important to visit events during Passover, such as those held at the temples, to pay respects to this religious occasion. 

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