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How to Make the Most of Flat Fee MLS in Maryland

SOld Home

SOld HomeChoosing to list your home using a flat fee MLS is undoubtedly beneficial. But, to access any of these benefits, you need to know how to leverage the listing service. To ensure you make the most of the process, you should consider implementing the following tips.

Do Your Homework Before Choosing a Flat Fee MLS

Your home is your most significant investment. Therefore, you shouldn’t list it with a sub-standard flat fee MLS that will hinder the selling process and delay the sale. For that reason, you should spend time extensively researching the best flat fee MLS Maryland sellers access. While you’re researching a prospective MLS, ask the following questions.

  • What is the sell-through rate of properties listed through this flat fee MLS? Although most flat fee MLS will not give you precise figures on sales, you can go through the site to see the number of active and sold listings. You should also examine their reviews to gauge how many sellers have used them before.
  • Do they offer phone support?
  • Yes, flat fee services often operate strictly online, but knowing that you have assistance if necessary is reassuring.
  • Are they an established company?
  • A newer flat fee MLS may be effective, but without a track record, you have no way of confirming this.
  • Is it easy to use?

If a flat fee MLS is overly complicated it could delay the sale or add unnecessary stress to the transaction. For that reason, try finding a flat fee MLS that automates many of the processes like Houzeo or Simple Choice Realty.

Have Professional Photographs Taken

Put yourself in the buyer agent’s shoes. You would want to present the very best properties to your client. So, besides the home’s amenities or the number of rooms, the agent will be won over by the property’s pictures.

Having professional photographs of your home guarantees buyer agents will read through your property description.

Write a Compelling Property Description

To accompany the professional photographs, write a property description that gives an agent a feel of the type of lifestyle offered by your home. Mention neighborhood amenities and the home’s most outstanding features.

Choose a Competitive Buyer Agent Commission

To successfully leverage flat fee MLS Maryland homeowners use, choose a buyer agents commission that would entice buyer agents to pursue your property. The amount doesn’t have to be extortionate; you can select a real estate commission that’s in line with the state’s average.

Select a Flat Fee With Strong Direct Buyer Interest

The best tip on leveraging a flat fee MLS is to select a flat fee MLS Maryland buyers will also browse. This way, you could potentially receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale since you won’t have to pay the buyer agent’s commission.

Houzeo is an excellent option for this as they also have a search option buyers can use and is user-friendly.

Even with all the positive experiences and billions in saving sellers have had using flat fee MLSs, a handful of horror stories remain. Some of these stories are rooted in unscrupulous flat fee services. However, most come from a lack of understanding and due diligence on the seller’s part. To avoid this being the case, always choose to use the best flat fee MLS Maryland sellers have access to.

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