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Animal Cruelty Investigation In Linthicum

On February 2, 2012, Animal Control responded to the 600 block of Andover Road in Linthicum for a report of an injured Pit Bull called in a by a citizen.

Upon arrival, the Animal Control Officer located the severely injured dog and brought him back to the shelter. While at the shelter, staff and supervisors assessed the dog, now named “Rocky Road”, to determine the best plan of action for him. The dog was in severe pain and had difficulty moving around, but still sought affection from the staff, who analyzed the extent of his injuries and quickly determined that he was in need of either humane euthanasia to stop his suffering or immediate veterinary attention.

Animal Control personnel reached out to the Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital, who offered to treat the dog Pro bono. After examining the dog’s injuries, Animal Control and Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital staff confirmed that the injuries are consistent with injuries of a dog that was utilized as a “bait dog” to train other dogs to fight. At this time, the investigation is ongoing into how the dog sustained the injuries and who may be responsible. “Rocky Road” underwent surgery on February 3, 2012, and his condition has stabilized. The dog is expected to remain under veterinary care for a few weeks and continue to receive tremendous care and support from the staff at Waugh Chapel Animal Hospital. Once the dog is medically ready, Tara’s House, a private non-profit 501(C)3 rescue group, has agreed to take “Rocky Road” into their rescue and screen potential adopters when the dog has recovered enough to begin that process.

Animal Control is actively seeking assistance from area veterinary hospitals that may be able to offer Pro bono or reduced costs services to animals arriving at Animal Control that the shelter would typically be unable to provide the necessary care or services. Veterinarians participating in an In-Kind Services Program to provide veterinary care to animals that require extensive services in emergency situations are being sought by the shelter. Animal Control accepts monetary donations made out to the Anne Arundel County – Casper Fund to help provide care and treatment for animals housed at the shelter. Anyone interested in helping can contact Animal Control at 410-222-8900.

Source: AACoPD
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