October 1, 2023
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Anne Arundel County 9/11 Memorial Dedication


This morning at 10:00am, a ceremony was held to dedicate the new Anne Arundel County 9/11 Memorial. Approximately 300 people attended to pay homage to those who lost their lives nine years ago. Some lost their lived innocently, and others in incredible acts of bravery on this affront to the very principles on which this Nation was founded.

Tenacity was the theme of the ceremony–although unwritten. Keynote Speaker, Special Agent Richard McFeely of the Baltimore Division of the FBI recalled that morning at the Pentagon. Search and recovery crews were unable to do their work due to the millions of gallons of water which had been used to put out the fire. He instructed a platoon of 10 Marines to dig a trench to help with the runoff. He forgot about them, but 12 hours later, he remembered and saw that the trench they had dug, had indeed done the job. But more impressive, the platoon was still digging. At that point, recalled Special Agent McFeely, he knew the resolve of America would not be weakened.

These words were spoken on a morning identical to the morning of September 11, 2001. The sky was clear. The weather was showing some signs of autumn, and airplanes crisscrossed the sky above us.  And also like that morning nine years ago, there were two towers looming over the crowd. Two steel beams recovered from the World Trade Center were standing proudly and strong as the County dedicated this memorial. They were scarred for sure–bent, twisted, and rusted. But still very solid–just like the resolve of Americans.

The terrorist attacks on our country were a wake up call to every American, and this memorial will be a constant reminder of our freedom, unity, and vigilance.

Anne Arundel County Executive, John R. Leopold

We are in the process of compiling several videos of the event as well as all photos. Please check back later.

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