December 6, 2023
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McMillan Pledges to Roll Back Taxes in Anne Arundel County

Republican County Executive Candidate Herb McMillan has announced his commitment to making Anne Arundel County more affordable for families with cuts to property, income, and rain taxes.

In a statement released by McMillan, “Steuart Pittman hiked income taxes for Anne Arundel County residents by more than 12% in 2019, the largest income tax increase in county history, and has announced his intentions to raise it even more, to the highest level allowable under Maryland law.”

McMillan explained, “It’s very simple. Anne Arundel County residents cannot afford the property, income, and rain tax hikes imposed by Steuart Pittman, and I’m going to roll them back. On top of that, more than just cutting income taxes, we must cap them, so that they can only be raised by a charter amendment, voted on by the people.

Anne Arundel County has the fifth-highest income tax per person in Maryland. High-income taxes add to the economic burden Anne Arundel County families already shoulder, including inflation, the rising costs of basic goods and household items, and other Biden-Pittman far-left fiscal policies that put politics over people.

McMillan added, “I have lowered property taxes in the past and, as County Executive, I will cut property taxes again. But not everyone owns property, and an income tax cut will ensure that every Anne Arundel County taxpayer gets a tax cut, whether they own a home or not.”

McMillan refers to this commitment as the “McMillan Tax Cut ‘n Cap”  Finally, he noted, “Councilman Nathan Volke previously proposed an income tax cap, and it was a great idea. As County Executive, I will work with Nathan and the rest of the County Council to make it happen. Because it’s your money. Because it’s your government. Because it’s your future.”

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