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Maryland Prepares For Major Snow

Annapolis Prepares For Major Overtimeplow copy

The area is bracing for a major snowstorm. All of the weather-guessers are excited and trying to outguess the other one. They are even starting to lay pre-blame for a botched forecast. This morning, we heard ranges from 2″ to 4″ up to 12″ to 18″ with a disclaimer that that particular computer had been accurate in the past. It is a crap shoot. Whatever snow comes will come.

But with the threat of snow, comes the mandatory mobilization of plows and salt trucks. They need to be prepared to have roads clear for at least emergency vehicles.  Unfortunately, this snow (like the one a few weeks ago) are expected to materialize over the weekend resulting in additional overtime for the City–snow or no snow.

According to The Capital on December 6th, the overtime budget is projected to be over budget by 62% this year. And that was before the announcement of a major snow storm this weekend. What does it take to clear the roads? 100 people?  It is assumed that night work (the snow is heading in this evening) and Saturday work is at time an a half. Sunday is likely double time. What is the average hourly rate? The number of guaranteed hours when called in? The average number of hours worked to effectively clear the roads?

Just like the weather-guessers, we will offer our guess as well. 70 people required to mobilize for the storm. Average hourly rate (less benefits) of $25. 8 hours at 1.5 times rate and 8 hours at 2 times rate for each–$700 for the weekend.  $49,000 to clear the roads for this one instance.

The Overtime Committee has their work cut out for them!

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