March 25, 2023
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St. Johns Lecture–The Fairness Of Taxes

William Peirce, Case Western Reserve University professor emeritus of economics, will give a lecture titled “Can Taxes Be Fair? Should They Be?” at St. John’s College. The lecture, which is […]

Summit School’s Annual Symposium Scheduled

On Saturday, October 26, 2013, The Summit School will present their annual Zelma Wynn Symposium Series from 9am-3:30pm. This year’s topic is Visible Thinking, Learning & Understanding: Project Zero Ideas […]

Harvard Professor To Lecture At St. John’s College

Harvard psychologist and author Irene Pepperberg will explore “Grey Parrot Number Acquisitions: Parallels with and Differences from Young Children” in her lecture at St. John’s College. The lecture, which is […]