June 17, 2024
Annapolis, US 85 F

Grownups, Kids, Cars And Smoking

We all know the problems associated with smoking. Several years ago, many states banned smoking in public spaces and Maryland went right along with it. I am in favor of […]

Newspaper Versus Blog

There was an interesting editorial in Sunday’s Capital newspaper discussing the demise of the traditional newspaper. Tom Marquardt, the Editor, suggested that The Capital might shift it’s online version to […]

BGE Woes

We all have seen our electric rates skyrocket. It seems that every month or so we hear about a brand new increase planned for the future.  How does a local […]

EZ Pass My A%#!

EZ Pass was a fantastic idea. It was implemented at great cost for the right reasons. It was a method to save commuting time, gas, payroll expense to the toll […]

More Snow!

Photos of Annapolis, Edgewater,  Mayo and Riva!

Snow Shots

Some shots caught when walking this morning! Snow is so amazing before too many people get out to slush it up!

Snow Day!!!!

UPDATE: It is official, schools  are closed tomorrow March 2, 2009 Marylanders are an odd bunch. The mere mention of snow and they lose their minds. But it looks like […]

Hacking In North County

And although it is flu season we are talking about computers, kids, and grades. While trying to change your grade is by no means a new concept, I question how […]