March 27, 2023
Annapolis, US 59 F

OPINION: Pittman’s Political Science

I’m County Exec Stu Pittman, forget real science My political science is where I put my reliance It may not make sense, it may even be stupid, man But you […]

OPINION: Defund Gardasil in Maryland now

NOTE:  If you have an opinion and want to jump in the conversation, here’s a link to the discussion on Facebook Human papillomavirus (“HPV”) will infect about 90% of Marylanders. […]

OPINION: Questions for Authority

“The first duty of every citizen is to question authority.” Ben Franklin Close your eyes, and imagine a state of 6,000,000 people, with a booming economy and education system. Suddenly, […]

LETTER: Hospice to volunteers–THANK YOU!

Every year, during Volunteer Appreciation Week, we celebrate those in our communities who Volunteer their time. This year we do so nationally, April 19 to 25. None of us could […]

It’s okay to be complicated

“It’s okay to be complicated,” is the lesson I learned, reading the introduction to “Frederick Douglass -Prophet of Freedom.”  This ambitious biography, written by Douglass enthusiast, David W. Blight, skillfully […]

GUEST COLUMN: Torrey Snow–My hesitancy with ACT

Editor’s Note: A new organization, ACT, recently held an event with candidates for public office. They asked for commitments from each candidate to meet with the organization monthly. Torrey Snow […]

OPINION: Bike lane needs to be re-thought

I wanted to take a second to send you my thoughts as a Resident of Ward 1, for what their worth, on the debate and discussions surrounding the Main Street […]

GUEST COLUMN : Bikes: A Proxy For Change

All the brouhaha around the Main Street bike lane has a very strong cultural component that is bubbling just below the surface of the discussion about the project. Sure there are […]