February 2, 2023
Annapolis, US 40 F

Trigger Happy Cops

Recent Shooting Raises Questions Last week, another contributor to this blog made a post about the recent increase in police shootings in Anne Arundel County. While that particular piece did […]

Marquardt’s Monthly Wine Whine

The Capital’s Editor Explains It seems that The Capital has a new monthly column, where the Editor, Tom Marquardt lays ink to paper and attempts to explain his way out […]

Job Hunting: Where Are The Manners?

Employers Ignoring Applicants Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend who is hitting the pavement hard seeking a job. He is hard working and not above taking a downward step […]

Dear Giant Grocery Store

Dear Giant Foods in Bay Ridge Center– You are thisclose to losing a customer to Shopper’s or Safeway!  The upgrade was a hassle. You re-arranged everything on me. But hey, […]

Adolf Hitler Lives

Much Ado About Nothing? Last week, local blogger Paul Foer poked a hornet’s nest when he criticized the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County (RWAAC) for an opinionated letter comparing […]

Obama, Hitler & Annapolis Politics

Left Leaning Blog Takes Anne Arundel Republican WomenTo Task While Eye On Annapolis is by definition NOT a political site, we do opine on politics and (all too often) ineptitude […]

Do Illegal Immigrants Not Get It?

Lawmakers Are Not Only Confused Ones An article in today’s Baltimore Sun really infuriated me! An admitted illegal immigrant (who refused to give her last name) is upset that her […]

Media Inflection For Sotomayor

Did you ever wonder why…. This morning, every news station was aflutter with President Obama’s selection for the Supreme Court–Sonia Sotomayor. Granted, her name is not the most “pronouncable” name […]

Notes On A Greenip Resignation

The Capital reports today that Janet Greenip will be resigning in the next couple of days, and I think I might miss her. I might miss seeing the “constitutional amendment […]

A Born Again American

In today’s troubled economy, sometimes it becomes very easy to think we are alone. That is hardly the case at all. This video, while slightly long, highlights a government that […]

Bank Of America: Watch Out For Random Fees

Watch Out For Hidden Bank Of America Fees Recently, my Bank of America checking account dipped into the negative.  No, it was not some technical glitch, or even my inability […]

A Teenager Speaks

I learned about this video from my high school sophomore. Apparently this Arundel High School student has become somewhat of an Internet sensation.  I disagree. I wonder how his parents […]

Did you ever notice?

Did you ever notice that it toothe Federal Government too damned long to admit that the country was in a recession? Sure there are economists and number crunchers that make […]