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Superstitions in Slot Machine Play: Lucky Rituals and Unlucky Habits

Slots, both land-based and maszyny online versions, are games of chance where the winnings are determined randomly. Nonetheless, although your chance of hitting a jackpot isn’t defined by how superstitious you are, many slot players practice quirky routines on the reels, hoping that lady luck will be on their side.

Whether religious or cultural, there are numerous rituals and habits that gamblers believe to be lucky. In addition, there’s another group of beliefs that includes actions that must be avoided. And since losing a round is painful and most memorable, some gamblers avoid specific unlucky habits that they believe could affect their outcomes.

As such, slot fans driven by a desire to control their luck often develop and stick to rituals they believe are lucky. That said, exploring and understanding the unlucky habits and lucky rituals practiced by slot machine gamers might just be the strategy to take your spinning game to the next level. 

Lucky Rituals in Slot Machine Play

Lucky rituals are individual beliefs and actions that players engage in to enhance their winning chances. Although these rituals lack scientific evidence and don’t guarantee actual influence on the outcomes, they provide a sense of confidence to gamers. They include the following:

  • Rubbing or Touching the Machine: It can involve a gentle touch, a quick tap, or a stroke on the screen or buttons. Moreover, someone may have also shaken the gambler’s hand and wished them luck, so by touching the slot, they’ll pass that wish on to the game;
  • Blowing on the Screen: Like blowing the dice before tossing them, blowing on the slot machine screen is a ritual practiced by many to remove bad luck and invite good fortune;
  • Tapping Buttons or Reels: Some players develop a ritual of tapping the reels in a specific sequence or rhythm, believing that the action can influence the outcome or align the symbols in a winning combination;
  • Carrying Lucky Charms: Superstitious gamblers often carry lucky items or charms they hold or wear during spinning. These can be personal objects, like a special coin, a keychain, a bracelet, or a small trinket believed to bring luck;
  • Chanting or Making Wishes: Certain people perform verbal rituals, like chanting specific phrases or saying lucky wishes before spinning the reels. They believe these actions can positively affect their luck and increase their likelihood of winning;
  • Following a Routine: Some gamers follow a specific routine when playing slots. This routine can involve sitting in the same seat, table, or area, playing at a particular time of day, or using a consistent betting strategy.

Common Unlucky Habits Players Avoid in Slot Gameplay

In addition to lucky rituals, superstitious slot players also believe in avoiding certain habits they perceive as unlucky. These habits are believed to ward off negative energy that may cause undesirable outcomes. While no scientific evidence supports these beliefs, they remain prevalent among superstitious players. Here are some everyday unlucky habits often avoided:

Looking at Other Players’ Screens

Some believe glancing at other players’ screens while playing can disrupt their luck. They avoid glancing at neighboring machines to prevent the transfer of negative energy or getting distracted.

Talking About Potential Winnings

Superstitious players often avoid discussing their potential winnings during gameplay. They believe prematurely discussing their luck can jinx their chances of landing matching symbols, leading to an unfavorable outcome.

Avoiding Cold Machines

Some gamblers believe that machines that have not paid out recently are in a cold state and are unlikely to generate future wins, no matter who plays on them. They may avoid playing on these slots, thinking they are less likely to produce favorable results.

Skipping Specific Symbols or Themes

Personal superstitions can lead players to avoid machines with certain symbols or storylines. They believe some themes are associated with bad luck. Some symbols that gamers may steer clear of as they perceive to harbor negative energy include:

  • A particular animal, like an owl or wolf;
  • A number like 13, 7 or 12;
  • Colors like red or black;
  • A horror theme with specific characters.

Changing Bets or Machines Too Frequently

Some players believe constantly changing bet amounts or switching machines can disrupt their luck. They prefer to maintain consistency in their gameplay and avoid unnecessary changes that may negatively impact their chances of winning.

Is There Any Weight to the Lucky/Unlucky Beliefs?

Slot machine players must note that unlucky habits and lucky rituals are personal and should be viewed as superstitions or not-proven game strategies. Remember, slot machine outcomes are random and determined by RNGs, and these rituals do not directly impact the results. However, having some beliefs gives players confidence and a sense of familiarity or control over the slot game, which isn’t bad as long as it doesn’t cast a shadow on understanding the game’s inherent randomness.

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