July 13, 2024
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Maryland Locals Continue to Enjoy the Mid-Atlantic State’s Zoos and Aquariums 

Be it in Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city, or in other well-liked locations in and around the state, people from the area certainly have plenty of things to see and do. For some, playing sport is a preference, while others might opt for a day at a nearby zoo or an aquarium. Thankfully, for animal lovers, there are some excellent venues to visit should a day of petting animals and witnessing sharks up close be of interest. 

Taking at least a day to fully explore, these popular Maryland destinations are capable of providing you with a truly memorable day out. Instead of having the likes of David Attenborough take you on a television-based journey and watching wonderful footage of the types of animals people are enjoying in much-loved games like Pragmatic Play’s Mysterious, you can embark on an animal-filled escapade of your own in Maryland. Likewise, you can also witness some of the ocean’s marine life in a truly immersive aquarium experience. 

For many of Maryland’s people, there are some standout options that have gained solid reputations over the years, particularly when it comes to marine conservation and saving certain species of animals. There is some fantastic work going on in and around Maryland, with many of these impressive zoos and aquariums requiring more public interest if they’re to continue to carry out the remarkable work that they do on a daily basis. 

So, like many of the local population, if you’re keen to explore some of the state’s very best zoos and aquariums, then below is a look at some of the most enticing options. 

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve

Suppose you ever find yourself at a bit of a loose end in and around Thurmont and Hagerstown. In that case, the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is capable of providing you with an unforgettable day’s worth of animal-based action. Offering a safe space for an abundance of animals, this delightful preserve does a remarkable job of replicating a natural habitat. You can also listen to informative talks about certain animals, such as monkeys, panthers, and zebras, while also having an opportunity to pet and feed certain creatures. It’s worth noting that Catoctin Wildlife Preserve closes in the winter months for a short period, but this 100-acre park welcomes thousands of people at other times throughout the year. 

National Aquarium

Easily one of the best aquariums in Maryland, if not the entire world, the National Aquarium in Baltimore is well worth visiting if you ever have the opportunity to do so. A location that pulls in around 1.5. million happy visitors every year; it contains everything from an upland tropical rainforest to an open shark tank. Also showcasing the amazing conservation research the aquarium does and hosting various educational programs to get stuck into, the National Aquarium is easily one of Baltimore’s best offerings. 

Salisbury Zoological Park

A smaller location compared to many others on the list, Salisbury Zoological Park’s reputation is impossible to ignore. With around 100 animals on the site’s 12 acres of land, it’s a wonderful place to see some of the world’s most beloved creatures in an environment that mirrors their natural habitat. From sloths and bears to alpacas and jaguars, you can see plenty of amazing animals here. Most pleasing of all, though, is the lack of cages in the park, therefore allowing the animals to roam freely and create a more memorable and authentic package for Salisbury Zoological Park’s thousands of visitors to enjoy. 

Other options include Plumpton Park Zoo, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Insect Zoo, The Inner Harbor, Glen Echo Park Aquarium, and Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. 

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