June 15, 2024
Annapolis, US 76 F

Local Business Spotlight: Kona Ice

When it is 80 degrees outside and someone asks you “Hey, you interested in talking to Ken at Kona Ice?” There is only one answer–especially knowing there might be a treat at the end. Yes, I am THAT Pavlovian.

But we trekked up to Kona Ice’s office in Annapolis to catch up with Ken Gent the local owner to find out what makes Kona Ice special and different. I found out how they work, and more imortantly, how to find them. Want to know Ken’s favorite flavor (egg cream), or mine (cherry), or everyone else’s (you’re going to have to listen)! It is not even unheard of to have someone honk them to the side of the road for a treat–in fact it is fairly common!

Shaved ice is a treat for everyone when the temperatures climb; but Kona Ice is more than that, they are a piece of fabric to the community. In the three years Gent has owned the business, he has given back more than $15,000 to our local community! And for that, I say thank you! Now…

Have a listen! (and then go get some Kona Ice!)


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