July 12, 2024
Annapolis, US 77 F

Bonus Podcast: Talking Snirt With Monarch Weather + Climate Intelligence

Do you know what “snirt” is? Well, by the end of this conversation, you will. Today, we are speaking with not one but two meteorologists with decades of experience who formed their own weather intelligence company—Crystal Egger and Kathryn Prociv!

Monarch Weather + Climate Intelligence must be on the radar (pun somewhat required) for any business impacted by severe weather. Are your peaches not up to snuff? They figured out a solution. Are you worried about rain ruining a crop? They have saved crops. Do you have property (or a City) that floods frequently? There’s a product to help you manage that as well. They even saved the wine industry!

If you are like me, weather maps with concentric circles, bumps, and lines mean nothing to me. However, with MonarchView, only the information you need, is what you see.

The science of weather forecasting is changing at a blinding pace and if we are ever to keep up with climate change, we need the best information to handle it.

A fascinating conversation.

Have a listen!

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