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The Hidden Dangers of Vaping and How Anne Arundel County is Fighting Back

Vaping is popular among youth in the county but poses significant health risks. The Anne Arundel County Health Department is responding with resources and programs to help people quit smoking and vaping.

Vaping: A Rising Concern in Youth Health

  • Increase in e-cigarette use: Recent studies have shown an increase in e-cigarette use among high school students in Anne Arundel County, with many preferring flavored vape products.
  • Health risks of vaping: Despite the decline in traditional cigarette use, the health risks associated with vaping, including exposure to harmful chemicals and metals, are increasingly recognized.

Health Impacts and Misconceptions

  • Severe health implications: Vaping devices are associated with serious health problems, including lung disease, resulting in numerous hospitalizations and deaths.
  • Marketing and risk perception: Vaping devices pose significant risks despite being marketed as safer. Flavored products and misleading marketing lead to low-risk perceptions among teenagers.

Anne Arundel County’s Tools to Combat Smoking and Vaping

  • Quit Kits: These include the “Roadmap to Quitting” workbook and information on free cessation classes, available for order or download.
  • Free Quit Smoking Classes: Available to county residents, these programs offer free counseling and quitting aids, with the condition of attending counseling sessions.
  • SmokeFreeTXT and Live Quit Coach: These services offer 24/7 support through text and live coaching, with nicotine replacement therapy provided through the Maryland Tobacco Quitline.
  • Educational Resources and Support Programs: Targeted programs for teens and expectant parents, along with online educational material about the risks of e-cigarettes and products like JUUL.

The Anne Arundel County Health Department’s approach emphasizes the dangers of vaping and smoking and provides support and resources for those seeking to quit. The goal is to reduce the health risks associated with these habits in the community.

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