June 15, 2024
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More Public Access Coming to Greenbury Point

Starting May 31, 2024, the East and West Access Roads at Greenbury Point will be open to the public more frequently.

Greenbury Point, situated at the Severn River’s mouth in Anne Arundel County, is managed by Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis. It serves as a conservation area and a popular spot for hiking, running, and dog walking.

The southern end, near the East and West Access Roads, lies within a Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) for the NSA Annapolis firearms range. This area is open to the public when the range is not in use.

“NSA Annapolis constantly evaluates training schedules to ensure safe public access to Greenbury Point,” said Capt. Chris Schwarz, NSA Annapolis Commanding Officer. “We have consolidated some training this summer to allow public recreation on the East and West Access Roads three to four days per week.”

This marks an increase from the previous schedule of two days per week. Access will generally be available on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and alternating Saturdays. Other trails, including Timberdoodle, Bobwhite, and Pipsissewa, will remain open daily. The Poet’s Nature Trail may have some closures due to shoreline restoration on Carr Creek. Public access hours are 5:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted.

The schedule may change due to training, construction, or mission needs.

“This summer’s training schedule has allowed us to offer more public access,” said Joe Glennon, NSA Annapolis Installation Training Officer. “While this may not be permanent, we aim to maximize public access within training requirements.”

Visitors may see ongoing shoreline restoration and tree planting projects. Construction within the SDZ can proceed safely with strict measures and communication between project managers and range operations officers.

Greenbury Point supports midshipmen training, enhances quality of life for MWR patrons, and offers recreational amenities to the public. Monthly access schedules are posted on NSA Annapolis’s social media platforms.

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