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Blackhawks’ Jarred Tinordi Brushes Away Hip Surgery as Excuse for Poor NHL Season: “This Year Has Been Chaotic”


The NHL 2023/2024 season is approaching its final stretch as teams battle for a coveted spot in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Chicago Blackhawks rearguard Jarred Tinordi had a rather interesting take on his overall performance so far.

Jarred Tinordi: “I’m Not Happy With Myself”

“I’m not happy with it if I’m honest with you,” said the Maryland-bred Jarred. “There are games I’m not happy about, the fans feel that way, and I feel I’ve left the poor games go on for a while and I’m not happy with it.”

It’s been a pretty tough ride for Tinordi because of the high expectations he placed on himself. Also, he had a very improved game the previous season with the Blackhawks. Besides hustling his way to the Top 4, Jarred formed a formidable duo with Connor Murphy. Tinordi even had an ‘A’ on his sweater, capturing his importance on and off the ice, and in the locker room.

The odds seemed stacked in his favor for the upcoming 23/24 season going by what many bookmakers were offering. Apart from the odds of being a guaranteed starter in the team, Jarred was a favorable choice among betting sites for scoring a goal, especially against renowned Canadian NHL teams. However, Tinordi’s current season hasn’t been one to write home about; no goal scored, a -24 rating, and 8 points in 45 games.

Even bookmakers started considering Jarred as an underdog. Take for example the match between the Blackhawks and the Canadian Edmonton Oilers. Despite the Oilers conceding an average of 3.1 goals per game, various betting sites in Canada had Tinordi at odds of +1700 to score a goal in that particular game. As fate would have it, the Blackhawks ended up losing 2-1 to the Oilers, and their only goal wasn’t from Jarred.

The trend would go on among different sportsbooks with Tinordi’s Blackhawks being regarded as odds-on favorite to be the worst NHL team for the 2023/2024 season. So, what happened? Why the downseason? There are plenty of reasons, but one that most likely went unnoticed is the underlying hip injury.

The Underlying Hip Injury

During the offseason, Jarred Tinordi underwent major hip surgery. When asked in numerous interviews of the same, Tinordi always declined to comment. Most likely he didn’t want to come off as someone making excuses for experiencing a poor game.

“I don’t think the injury has had too much of an effect,” Jarred said. The Blackhawks’ rearguard confirmed he went under the knife to fix a damaged hip labrum at the end of April 2023.

“You aren’t doing any activity or putting weight on the hip for at least four weeks after the surgery. You’re put in a machine that simply moves your hip to keep it active, and then it’s a gradual progression.”

Jarred first experienced the injury in November 2022, but it didn’t become a serious issue until around March 2023. He completed the season albeit limping toward the finish line and was advised to take maintenance days during practice to make sure he was available for games.

“I tried to do what I could for it,” Jarred said. “I had an injection and that’s pretty much it. In the end, we realized we can’t operate like this, and so had to get the procedure over with.”

Post Surgery and Focusing Ahead

Tinordi had a successful surgery and was cleared for training camp. However, he was a healthy scratch for the fourth game of the season against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was an odd decision although the reason is now well known.

“Getting my body to perform at the level it used to will take longer than I expected. Physically, I’m alright, but in hindsight, I knew I wasn’t moving as I wanted.” So far, Tinordi is still trying to regain his place in the lineup. A groin strain and concussion protocol made him miss some games on two separate occasions.

Add to that an inconsistent lineup that has been plagued with injuries throughout the season, one can understand why Jarred hasn’t yet gotten into a rhythm. He believes the last factor is what’s responsible for his ‘off’ season, and not his hip injury.

“Our team last year had a lot of consistency with lineups. This year has been quite chaotic, with the players in and out of the team every game night,” Tinordi said. “There’s also been some off-ice issues, but those aren’t valid excuses. Other teams go through such and it’s up to us to work our way through it.”

With just a few games left in the 2023/2024 season, Jarred knows he has to leave a decent impression. He earned a one-year contract extension worth $1,250,000 with the Blackhawks last season. It was a much-needed reprieve after going through seven different camps across eleven seasons as a pro player, of which three were spent in the minors.

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