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Major Restoration Project for Lake Marion in Maryland to Enhance Habitat and Stormwater Management

Severn’s Lake Marion is set to undergo a significant restoration project this spring, aimed at enhancing the lake’s natural habitat and its ability to manage stormwater effectively. The $3.8M project, a collaborative effort involving local residents, the Provinces Civic Association, Arundel Rivers Federation, and Severn River Association, is designed to address the environmental challenges faced by the lake.

Originally a natural stream, Lake Marion was converted into a stormwater management facility in the 1970s, designed to collect runoff from surrounding areas. This runoff often carries pollutants like sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus, which can have detrimental effects on the health of aquatic life in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Lake Marion’s role has been to filter this polluted water before it enters the Severn River. However, over time, the accumulation of sediment and debris has significantly reduced the lake’s capacity to perform this function effectively.

“Lake Marion has lost its ability to protect our rivers and only a large-scale restoration project can bring it back better than before,” stated Matt Johnston, Executive Director of Arundel Rivers. He highlighted the importance of teamwork and robust partnerships in undertaking such large-scale restoration efforts.

The restoration project involves an innovative approach. Key activities include excavating several feet of sediment to restore the lake’s stormwater storage capacity and transforming the existing concrete spillway into a series of pools. Additionally, a portion of the lake will be converted into a large wetland, providing habitat for native flora and fauna.

Ben Fertig of the Severn River Association expressed excitement about the project’s potential to improve water quality and create a healthier habitat. “Improving stormwater management and wildlife habitat will have measurable results,” he noted.

Cynthia Williams, President of the Provinces Civic Association, also commented on the project’s fruition after years of effort and the positive impact it will have on the community and the environment.

The funding for this extensive project comes from a range of sources, including the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Legislative Bond Initiative, Local Development Council, Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration, Provinces Civic Association, and private donations. Baylands Consultants and Designers, Inc. designed the project, and Pay Dirt, LLC will oversee the construction. The project is expected to commence this spring and continue through spring 2025. More information can be found at the project’s website:

Both the Arundel Rivers Federation and Severn River Association are committed to protecting and restoring local waterways. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure cleaner water for the environment and the communities they serve. For further details about their efforts and initiatives, visit and

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