April 24, 2024
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The ENOUGH Act marks a significant leap forward in Maryland’s fight against poverty, addressing systemic issues such as education, employment, and essential services. The legislation aims not only to alleviate the symptoms of generational poverty but to forge a path of opportunity and promise for children, families, and entire communities. It echoes the spirit of historical anti-poverty initiatives like the historic War on Poverty of 1964.

Opportunity was the hallmark of the War on Poverty, which successfully established the nation’s, federally, designated poverty-fighting network of Community Action Agencies (CAAs). These Agencies are central to the fight against poverty in Maryland and serve as frontline warriors in the ongoing battle, championing economic mobility and community change.

“The ENOUGH Act seamlessly aligns with the mission of Community Action Agencies, reflecting Maryland’s commitment to promoting economic mobility and driving positive community change,” said Angela Martin, Executive Director of Maryland Community Action Partnership (MCAP). It addresses the full potential of human capital and offers holistic solutions that tackle the root causes of economic hardship.

This legislation is innovatively crafted to address modern challenges while echoing historic anti-poverty efforts. Mitch Posner, Executive Director of the Community Assistance Network, a notable Community Action Agency in Baltimore County, offers an insightful perspective. Posner champions the ENOUGH Act’s place-based, community focused approach as a pivotal strategy. His experience underscores the significance of this legislation in addressing the economic challenges of intergenerational families and their communities holistically. Posner states, “The ENOUGH Act, is spot on as a meaningful and effective approach to helping intergenerational families and their communities deal wholistically with their economic challenges.”

While the legislation targets child poverty, it will also transform distressed communities. “We are proud to stand in support of the ENOUGH Act, the rural areas of the state report the highest rates of poverty as a percentage of population. Efforts to address poverty in these areas will provide economic prosperity to all,” said Rural Maryland Council Executive Director, Charlotte Davis.

The fight against poverty requires bold and comprehensive action. Claudia Wilson Randall, Executive Director of Community Development Network of Maryland, echoes this legislation is an effort in the right direction and states, “Government, nonprofits and philanthropy will have to act differently if we want to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and create new opportunities so children, families, and our community can thrive. The ENOUGH ACT is a step in the right direction toward alignment of resource and strategies.”

Whether the ENOUGH Act will prove to be “enough” remains to be seen, but its introduction marks an important milestone in Maryland’s ongoing commitment to creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all residents. The legislation has the potential to transform lives and communities across the state.

Authored by Angela Martin, Executive Director of Maryland Community Action Partnership (MCAP)

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