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Charting Careers and Annapolis Middle School Host Career Day for Seventh-Graders

Charting Careers, in collaboration with Annapolis Middle School, part of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, successfully conducted their annual Career Day on March 7. The event highlighted the importance of community engagement and mentorship in shaping students’ futures.

Nearly 40 professionals, encompassing a diverse range of fields including the arts, marine services, firefighting, and entrepreneurship, volunteered to share their career experiences with seventh-grade students. Remarkably, many speakers were alumni of Annapolis Middle School, bringing their journeys full circle. They offered students valuable insights and advice, opening windows into a variety of career paths.

Erin Snell, PhD, the Executive Director of Charting Careers, shared the organization’s mission, “We believe in the potential of every student. By connecting students with professionals from different fields, we aim to inspire students and broaden their horizons, helping them make informed decisions about their futures.”

The event was made possible through the supportive leadership of Annapolis Middle School Principal Casey Hunt, along with the school’s staff and students. Charting Careers also extended its appreciation to the guest speaker volunteers and their dedicated team for their commitment to youth empowerment.

Ashley Mackell, Education Director at Charting Careers, commented on the event’s success, “Wonderful things are happening at Annapolis Middle School, and it was such a joy to see so many community members show up for their local youth and community school.”

Charting Careers and its volunteers, supporters, and staff focus on offering opportunities to young people from elementary school through college and beyond, acting as agents of positive change. Their efforts reflect a belief in the transformative impact of mentorship and guidance.

Principal Hunt expressed gratitude for the event’s impact, “We are thrilled with the success of Career Day, and we are glad to make this an annual event. Our partnership with Charting Careers has helped to open new doors of opportunity for students to explore various career paths. Students were inspired by a diverse range of professionals from our community and for that we are truly grateful.”

Reflecting on the significance of guidance for youth, Erin Snell advised, “To young people navigating life’s choices, I would advise them to explore their passions, seek guidance, and never underestimate the power of their dreams. We are here to support them every step of the way.”

Charting Careers and Annapolis Middle School encourage individuals passionate about youth development to become involved as volunteers and supporters. The joint effort aims to build a brighter future for the community by empowering young people to thrive and succeed.

Annapolis Middle School, identified as a Community School, is actively engaging with the community and recruiting volunteers through the AACPS #BePresent initiative. For more information on this initiative, please visit #BePresent – A Community/School Partnership.

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