April 24, 2024
Annapolis, US 69 F

Brendan Sailing Receives Grant from The Kahlert Foundation to Expand Scholarship Opportunities

Brendan Sailing has recently announced the acquisition of a substantial grant from The Kahlert Foundation, a development that promises to significantly enhance their scholarship program. This funding will ensure that more young individuals, especially those who might not have the means, can participate in Brendan Sailing’s life-altering summer programs.

Amid rising costs for delivering specialized, educational activities for young people with diverse learning needs, Brendan Sailing has reaffirmed its dedication to inclusivity. The organization has a policy of not denying participation due to financial limitations. In the previous year, over 60% of their young sailors were awarded scholarships, and the demand for such assistance has seen a 42% increase recently.

James P. Muldoon, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Brendan Sailing, expressed the organization’s gratitude towards The Kahlert Foundation for their continued support and shared their vision. “At Brendan Sailing, we never turn down a child for financial reasons. It is important that these children have the same opportunities to build social skills and teamwork, regardless of their financial position. On behalf of the organization, I want to thank the Kahlert Foundation for their continued commitment to Brendan. They have believed in our mission from the beginning and over the years have become a truly special partner.”

The support from The Kahlert Foundation has been instrumental in allowing hundreds of Brendan youth to develop self-confidence, independence, and other essential life skills. These achievements are pivotal in assisting them to realize their full potential and succeed in various aspects of life. Without this backing, many of these opportunities would not have been accessible to these children.

Jane Millman, Executive Director of Brendan Sailing, also praised the foundation’s critical support. “We are so grateful to the Kahlert Foundation for their ongoing support of Brendan Sailing. This generous gift will enable us to continue creating successes for youth in our programs this summer and beyond.”

Brendan Sailing is set to offer its programs this summer both at their Annapolis location and at St Mary’s College of Maryland. These programs, conducted by US Sailing certified instructors skilled in addressing diverse learning styles, emphasize hands-on learning and confidence-building through sailing fundamentals and seamanship. Registrations are now open for interested participants, with more details available on the Brendan Sailing website. Donations to support the growing demand for their scholarship fund are also welcome and can be made through their website.

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