April 17, 2024
Annapolis, US 64 F

A Few Moments With a Serial Killer*

* Expert

Clickbaity? For sure! But, there is an incredible show that Rams Head Presents is bringing to Maryland Hall on April 2nd, featuring a preeminent authority on the psychology of serial killers.

For years, we’ve been fascinated by the likes of Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and more. Why is that? Dr. Rachel Toles joins us today to talk a little bit about her program and her work examining the minds of serial killers.

For Dr. Toles, it started with witnessing a violent death, leading to a fascination with Jeffrey Dahmer, and now in Annapolis at Maryland Hall! We chatted a little bit about her professional background, the psyche of serial killers, and whether there was ever one right here in Maryland! Spoiler–there was! We even got an answer to the disturbing question of how many potential serial killers there might be in any given population. The answer is concerning, if not downright disturbing.

Tickets for The Psychology of Serial Killers And Why They Captivate Us are on sale now. Go get ’em, but first…

Have a listen!


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