May 20, 2024
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Worthy Distractions for Annapolis Residents and Visitors This Spring 

When winter is over and spring seems to reinvigorate the area, residents and visitors alike will be eager to engage in activities that entertain in different ways. While the city is bathed in its rich history and, of course, a strong nautical heritage, there are still plenty of both indoor and outdoor ways to pass what is many people’s favorite season. 

Explore the historic town

Visitors to Annapolis will want to make a beeline for the beautifully preserved downtown area, which is ideal for those who want to know more about American history and the architecture of the last 250 years. The spring sun and lighter evenings provide the perfect opportunity to wander through cobblestone streets in a truly picturesque setting. The buildings are not just there to look at but still serve a function. For example, the Maryland State House dates back to the 18th century. This is surrounded by quaint shops and cafes where you can sit and watch the world go by or browse what is on offer to unearth some unique finds. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos as you will no doubt be told that you are not just taking a walk through the streets but also a journey through time.

Sailing on Chesapeake Bay 

You may already know that Annapolis is only 20 miles away from Chesapeake Bay, which is known throughout the world as America’s sailing capital. Armed with that knowledge, it would be almost shameful for you, regardless of whether you are a visitor or a resident, not to take advantage of this now spring has arrived. The Bay provides the perfect backdrop for learning to sail or to take a boat out as an experienced sailor, and you are bound to find it a truly invigorating experience.

Enjoy indoor downtime

Regardless of whether you are just visiting or living in Annapolis, you will still want to have some downtime in the spring to sit back and relax. One new way you may not have considered before is to play online casino games. While online casinos for real money are not yet legal in Maryland, there are still plenty of legitimate ways to play slots and table games, albeit for virtual rather than real currency. These can be played on your mobile phone, so you could still engage in these on the bus ride downtown or when sailing on Chesapeake Bay.  

Gardening and getting back to nature

Of course, residents will have noticed their gardens have come back to life, so they will want to spend some time there preparing their yards for summer. Visitors will notice that the parks and public gardens are also stirring, so they will want to explore them and connect with nature. Places like Quiet Waters Park provide an excellent backdrop to spring walks so you can see all of the natural beauty of the area and engage in activities like hiking or, if the weather suits it, having a picnic. When you add all of this up, spring in Annapolis provides some truly great distractions and places to create lasting memories.

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