June 18, 2024
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Unloaded Handgun and Ammunition Found in Student’s Backpack at Crofton High School

Crofton High School administrators and an Anne Arundel County Police School Resource Officer recovered an unloaded handgun and five rounds of ammunition from a student’s backpack earlier today after an investigation into a possible incident on a school bus where students were reported to be smoking.

The student, a junior at the school, was brought to the school administrator’s office for questioning. When the administrators searched the student’s backpack, they discovered the firearm and ammunition. The School Resource Officer at the scene promptly took possession of the weapon and bullets.

According to the report, there was no evidence to suggest that the student had displayed the weapon at any point before the school authorities discovered it. Following the recovery of the handgun, the student was arrested and charged as an adult.

We know this information will raise fears and anxiety among students. I ask you to help calm that fear and
anxiety, but also to convey to your student that our counselors and other Student Services team members are
available to speak with them should there be that need.

Greg Ryan, Principal (In Letter to Families)

The incident at Crofton High School highlights ongoing concerns regarding school safety and the presence of weapons on school grounds. The quick response by the school administration and the School Resource Officer ensured that the situation was handled promptly and safely, without any harm to students or staff.

The school sent home the following letter with students this afternoon.

The student is currently being held without bond at the Jennifer Road Detention Center awaiting a preliminary hearing on January 25, 2024.  He is facing three misdemeanor charges–possession of firearm by a minor, possession of a handgun on their person, and bringing a dangerous weapon on school property. A preliminary trial date is set for March.


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