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Most Watched Casino Streamers on Twitch for Last Year

Twitch casino streaming, emerging in 2015, blends gambling excitement with interactive entertainment. Casino Daddy, led by three Swedish brothers, captivates over 180,000 followers with 14-hour slots as well as high-stakes poker sessions. Roshtein, streaming since 2016, boasts 1.1 million followers, engaging them with high-stakes slots and giveaways. Classy Beef, a team of six, entertains 200,000+ fans with their competitive yet friendly streams. 

Among the newest Twitch casino streamers are xQc, Adin Ross, and TrainwrecksTV, who have joined the streaming scene. xQc, initially a gamer, now attracts a vast audience with his unique style. Adin Ross, known for diverse content, has expanded his reach to include casino games. TrainwrecksTV, a variety streamer, adds energy to betting streaming, drawing large viewerships. They often visit top gambling websites or casino apps known for generous bonuses plus quick payouts. The best online slot machines with bonus rounds, and no downloads, no registration, such as on this page here, are in great demand among online casino streamers on Twitch nowadays .  And it also makes sense to review the actual casinos on a site such as Betti Casino Review.

  • Roshtein is known for playing various online casino games, including slot machines. He often engages with his audience and has a significant following.
  • ClassyBeef is a group of casino streamers who often focus on online slots with different bonuses and in-game features. They are known for their entertaining and interactive streams.
  • Kim Hultman, known as LetsGiveItASpin, is a casino streamer on Twitch with a focus on online slots. He interacts with his audience and provides commentary during his gameplay.

Top 5 Twitch Casino Streamers by 2023

Twitch’s casino streaming landscape featured diverse, each showcasing unique gaming styles. 

  • CasinoDaddy: Led by Swedish brothers Anton, Eric, and Matthias Joelsson, CasinoDaddy tops the list with 666,843 viewer hours. Their channel, boasting over 160,000 followers, is renowned for high-stake online slot gambles. A notable win includes €569,204.80 on San Quentin, with a record 142,301.20x multiplier. The team frequently streams volatile games like Money Train and Fruit Party alongside live games like Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher.
  • TySlotFather: Ranking second among the best Twitch casino streamers of all time with 663,438 viewer hours, boasts a following of 20,250 on Twitch. In the last month, he dedicated 322 hours and 45 minutes to streaming, reaching a peak fanbase of 4,009. Notably, on December 5, 2023, he hit his all-time high Twitch viewer count of 4,009.
  • Vituss_Razzore: With 429,418 viewer hours, Vituss_Razzore captivates audiences with dynamic slot streams. Vituss_Razzore’s Twitch following recently grew by 2,186, reaching 2,414 in total. Over the last month, his streaming marathon totalled over 326 hours, attracting a peak audience of 2,841 fans. Impressively, his content amassed 424,408 viewer hours in just the past 30 days.
  • AUslots: A Twitch casino streamer who combines entertainment with strategic slot gameplay has accumulated 386,355 viewer hours on Twitch. He commands a strong presence on the platform with 55,655 followers, adding 664 in the last month. During this time, he streamed for 427 hours, peaking at 1,847 followers and maintaining an average audience of 875.
  • Arriesgad0s: With 317,981 viewer hours, arriesgad0s streams in Spanish, focusing on slot games. His unique style has attracted a broad Spanish-speaking audience, offering an engaging viewer experience. He has gained a notable presence on Twitch with 5,844 followers. In the last month, he accumulated 317,981 viewer hours and streamed for 695 hours, averaging 460 and peaking at 540 viewers. He is ranked as the #1 most-watched Spanish Slots channel on Twitch.

Most Viewed Channels: Online Slots Streamers on Twitch

  1. Santutu: In his Spanish-language streams, Santutu captivates an average of 3,960 fans. His go-to slots include Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest, etc., where he engages his audience with an interactive style.
  2. monro_tv: As one of the most popular Twitch slot streamers, an average viewership of 3,005. He’s known for high-stakes play on slots such as Starburst and Mega Moolah. He has hit a notable jackpot on Mega Fortune.
  3. c0ker: Energizing Spanish streams with an average of 2,785 followers, c0ker frequently enjoys Reactoonz as well as Bonanza. His dynamic commentary enhances viewer interaction.
  4. BUTI_sito: Averaging 2,217 users, BUTI_sito’s Spanish streams focus on Jammin’ Jars and Dead or Alive 2. He shares valuable slot strategies and tips with his audience.
  5. joker_gamb, with an average fan base of 1,972, diversifies his content with slots like Sweet Bonanza, The Dog House, etc. A humorous yet lively personality marks his streams.
  6. TySlotFather: Another one among the best slots streamers on Twitch an average of 1,960 viewers, TySlotFather’s English-language streams blend all types of slot games. He’s celebrated for his detailed game analysis and significant wins, particularly on Buffalo King and Wolf Gold.
  7. Vituss_Gambler: Streaming to an average of 1,720 followers, Vituss_Gambler plays a variety of slots in English. His streams, featuring games like Fire Joker and Rise of Olympus, are known for their entertaining commentary.
  8. MarkitoNavaja: Engaging an average of 1,665 users with his Spanish streams, MarkitoNavaja often plays Legacy of Egypt and Moon Princess. His streams are characterized by a lively atmosphere.
  9. CasinoDaddy: Averaging 1,604 viewers, CasinoDaddy is famed for high-stake gambles on slots such as Money Train 2 and Fruit Party. Their streams have seen several notable wins, including a massive jackpot on San Quentin.
  10. Gambler_Vituss: As other slots streamers on Twitch an average audience of 1,600, Gambler_Vituss’s English-language streams cover a range of slots. He frequently plays Razor Shark and Wild Frames & is known for his engaging and informative approach.

Activities of the Other Best Casino Twitch Streamers

Xposed, a notable Twitch casino streamer from Ontario, Canada, stands out by merging online streaming with actual visits. This innovative approach, showcasing slot machine plays in real casinos, has attracted a significant following. His unique style offers an engaging mix of live excitement and online streaming convenience.Another prominent figure in the Twitch streaming world is Deuce Ace, known for his high-stakes plays. A memorable moment in his streaming career was winning a €129,000 jackpot on the Dog House slot, captivating his audience of over 250,000 followers. These high-stakes games, streamed live, add a thrilling unpredictability to his content. MOE_TV, with a fan base exceeding 800,000, is renowned for generosity and community building. Regularly partnering with gambling websites, he offers substantial bonuses to his viewers, fostering a strong sense of community. His streams, a blend of video game content and casino games, attract a diverse audience, further solidifying his position as a top Twitch casino streamer. HudsonAmorim1, another top slot streamer on Twitch, has gained popularity for style and content. Known for high-stakes slot games, HudsonAmorim1 engages with the audience through live chat and giveaways, creating an energetic and entertaining atmosphere that has attracted a loyal fan base. ZonaGemelos, with their engaging personality and interactive streams, has also amassed a considerable following. Their content primarily focuses on various slot games, often incorporating elements of storytelling and humor. ZonaGemelos’ ability to create a fun and engaging atmosphere has made them a favorite among viewers.

Who are Fake Casino Streamers on Twitch?

Fake casino streamers on Twitch, like Roshtein and ClassyBeef, have sparked controversy. They’re known for using artificial funds, misleading viewers with unrealistic high-stakes gambling. They often gravitate towards less regulated casinos, particularly Curacao or crypto platforms, where oversight is minimal. Suspicions arise from their displayed large balances and bets, which is unrealistic for most gamblers. Manipulated transaction logs in financially unstable websites add to the doubts about the legitimacy of their funds. The issue extends beyond deception, promoting irresponsible gambling. Exaggerated wins might mislead newcomers to online gambling. Approach such content skeptically, prioritizing streamers demonstrating transparency and responsible gambling practices.

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