April 17, 2024
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Annapolis Releases Results of Community Survey

The City of Annapolis has received tabulated results from the National Community Survey. Polco, the company that administers the survey in more than 600 U.S. localities, surveyed 496 Annapolis residents between October 12 and December 1, 2023. 

Overall, the City got high marks from residents with 80 percent reporting that Annapolis was an “excellent” or “good” place to live, and 85 percent of residents rating the City as an “excellent” or “good” place to visit – a rating much higher than peer jurisdictions. Residents also gave the City high marks to both vibrancy of downtown and shopping opportunities. 

“I’ve always said we live in one of the best places in America,” said Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley. “This survey shows that, while also showing where we can make it even better. I thank all of the residents who participated.”

Areas where the City has opportunities to improve resident experiences include residential development and affordable housing. Annapolis’ ratings are similar to the national average, with scores including 27 percent for well-planned residential growth; 13 percent approving of the availability of affordable quality housing; and 38 percent for well-designed neighborhoods. 

Annapolis residents reported feeling safe, but indicated concern regarding crime. Nine in 10 survey respondents indicated they felt very or somewhat safe, on par with comparison communities. Fire services were given excellent or good marks by nearly 89 percent of residents, with 85 percent saying the same of ambulance and emergency medical services. 

Evaluations of crime prevention fell below national averages, with favorable marks coming from fewer than half of respondents. Additionally, a question unique to Annapolis showed that residents feel safe traveling by car (83 percent), walking (65 percent), but less so traveling by bicycle (45 percent).  

On overall mobility, Annapolis’ lowest score revolved around parking with just 27 percent of respondents offering favorable marks, a score much lower than similarly-sized communities. 

“As we move into the 2025 budget season, having these results can help us determine areas of focus,” said Victoria Buckland, Assistant City Manager for the City of Annapolis. “Using this data set can help us maintain in areas where residents report we are doing well, while making improvements in areas where we aren’t fully meeting expectations.”

Residents gave favorable remarks to Recreation and Parks opportunities, and scored higher than similar communities in opportunities to support the arts and attend cultural arts events. 

Ratings for inclusivity and engagement were mixed, with 65 percent reporting Annapolis is a good place to raise children (lower than benchmarked communities) and 62 percent regarding Annapolis as a welcoming community (similar to benchmarked communities).

Learn more about the results by visiting the City website at https://www.annapolis.gov/2085/National-Community-Survey.

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