March 4, 2024
Annapolis, US 46 F

Maryland Hall Launches Capital Campaign To Cool Things Off

Maryland Hall has announced its third capital Campaign in two decades.

Act III, Scene 1.

This new chapter is dedicated to updating the building-wide HVAC system with fresh air ventilation and upgrading the multipurpose Bowen Theatre, including acoustically decoupling its ceiling from the Main Stage so that both performance spaces can be utilized at the same time.

Our vision here is to activate all of our spaces through an update to our HVAC system, where we will be able
to serve more arts groups in a town with a critical shortage of performing spaces. This is an urgent project and
we need your help! Your contribution is valued and will enrich our infrastructure and increase our capacity to
serve the community through our mission of Art for All.

Jackie Coleman, Executive Director, Maryland Hall

The HVAC system, a critical aspect of this campaign, will impact everyone who walks through the doors of Maryland Hall. This update is vital not only for the comfort of staff, volunteers, teachers, students, and patrons but also for their health and overall well-being. The enhanced climate control will ensure a more pleasant and safe environment, particularly during the extreme weather conditions that Maryland can often experience.

The Bowen Theatre upgrades will enable this incredible space to become a versatile and multipurpose theatre. As the demand for its use continues to rise within the community, these enhancements will reinforce Maryland Hall’s dynamics as a venue capable of accommodating a diverse range of performances, events, and activities. This project undoubtedly will enrich the capacity and availability of the arts in Annapolis and throughout the region.

Former Speaker Michael E. Busch has already shown incredible support by securing 1.3 million dollars in Bond Bills for Maryland Hall, which will be used for this project, and private donors who have graciously contributed nearly $2.7 million. However, $1.1 million is still needed to fully realize Act III, Scene 1, totaling an estimated cost of 5 million dollars.

Become a part of the evolution. Your contributions are invaluable in achieving Maryland Hall’s fundraising efforts that ultimately support its mission of Art for All.

Make a donation in support of Act III, Scene 1 today!

Your contribution will play a crucial role in ensuring the future of Maryland Hall as a thriving hub for creativity and cultural enrichment in Annapolis. Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in the arts, culture, and the well-being of our entire community.

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