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How to Decorate Your Home for Your NYE Party in Maryland

If you are hosting an NYE party for the first time in your humble Maryland home, you might be wondering how to decorate it. 

Contrary to some of the lackluster NYE celebrations you’ve been to, New Year decorations should include more than a few balloons and party poppers. If you really want to compete with some of the best parties, then you’re going to need to put in a bit more effort – perhaps even pushing the boat out with some bunting and disco balls!

In all seriousness, though, while your guests might be enjoying the festivities a little too much to appreciate your work, it’s always a good idea to get your home looking as good as possible. 

With this in mind, we’re going to give you three unique ideas to light up your NYE party in 2023, ensuring your year goes out with a bang.

Makeshift Ball Drops

There are loads of worldwide traditions that will be in play during NYE 2023. In London, people will tune in to watch Big Ben strike twelve. In Denmark, people will tune in to watch the 2023 New Year Queen’s Speech, and in the US, people will tune in to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Some things never change, but in the US, we think you can do better than switching on the television and finding the right channel. Instead, you can craft your own NYE ball – perhaps in Maryland colors black, red, white and gold – and drop it when the clock hits midnight.  

If you want to add in some extra flavor, why not make that ball a pinata and fill it with some treats? That way, when the ball drops, you’ll not only be treated to a new year full of possibilities but a new year full of candy!

Creative Party Hats

Why do we only wear party hats when we’re young, or when we’re feeling a little too merry at Christmas? 

In our opinion, party hats can provide the perfect finishing touch to any party, and during NYE 2023, we think you should take them one step further. Using some watercolor paint, spend the day before everyone arrives decorating the party hats. Paint them in all sorts of beautiful colors, and then place them down on the main table for people to put on when they arrive. 

Not only will this create a gorgeous centerpiece in your home, but it will also encourage all your guests to arrive early – it’s first come, first serve, so you better arrive quickly if you want the best-looking hat for the evening!

Tassel Rain Curtains

The only problem with hosting a NYE party at home is that you’re missing the Annapolis NYE celebrations.  You’re also not in New York, which means you’re missing out on some of the biggest festivities in the world. 

But one thing you should remember is that celebrating NYE outdoors is not always fun. Sometimes it rains. In fact, sometimes it rains so hard that you can’t even see the fireworks! In your own home, however, rain can be a part of the decor. 

One of the biggest trends going into 2024 is tassel rain curtains – metallic, silver decorations that hang from the ceiling at different lengths to give the illusion of rain. It might sound a little odd, but these are luxury decorations that look simply beautiful when hung properly – there are plenty of examples of them being used online if you want to see what we mean.

Whether you hang them in your living room or entrance hall, they can provide the perfect finishing touch to your New Year’s party. And without a single raincoat in sight!

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