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What Does the Anne Arundel County Community Survey Say about Rising Crime?

A survey of 586 Anne Arundel County residents conducted October 20 to 30 by Anne Arundel Community College and the Center for the Study of Local Issues found a sharp increase in the number of respondents citing rising crime as a key problem facing the county.

The survey asked residents to identify the “two most important problems facing the residents of Anne Arundel County at the present time.” The percentage saying crime increased from 24% last spring to 36% this fall, the highest score received for this item in recent polls. Together with another 19% who cited illegal drugs, over half of the respondents concentrated on these aspects of county life.

The economy was also at the top of people’s minds. Nearly one-quarter (23%) mentioned it as a top issue, barely changed from last spring (22%). When asked about their level of concern about various economic conditions, inflation was clearly the key driver of economic worries, as 67% said that they were “very concerned” about it. Another 59% pointed to “federal government debt and deficits” as another key concern. A plurality (46%) of respondents thought that the economy would worsen over the next few years, compared to only 23% saying that they expected it to improve. Negative feelings about the economy were especially prominent at the national level since while 57% said that the Anne Arundel County economy was excellent or good, only 25% said the same about the national economy. Housing costs were cited by 17%, another element factoring into concern about the economy.

Other issues were also relatively significant as “most important problems.” Nearly a fifth cited taxes (19%), with another 18% saying education. Growth and overpopulation were also near the top, with 16% citing it. Transportation – often an element in heightening frustration with development due to crowded roadways or the lack of public transportation – was also in double- digits (14%).

The survey covered many other issues, several for the first time. These included:

  • Perceptions of the economy.
  • Public schools – extent of recovery from COVID, issues of concern, views about redistricting.
  • Solar farms in Anne Arundel County – conditions applying to them.
  • Housing – perceptions of reasons why housing costs are high, rent stabilization.
  • COVID – when people have contracted it, extent of continuing of concern about it.
  • Abortion – voting intentions about an amendment to the Maryland Constitution regarding reproductive rights.
  • Guns – perceptions of where guns might be carried.
  • Partially self-driving cars – driver training.
  • Immigration – attitudes about restrictive vs. permissive policies
  • Unions – support for unions, strikes.
  • House of Representatives – best approach to governing.
  • Trump – rationale for legal prosecution.
  • Aid to Ukraine.
  • Views regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Voting intentions for the 2024 presidential elections.
  • Job approval – president, governor, county executive, other institutions.

To take a deep dive into the survey, you can download this PDF (203 pages) and get the pulse of the County!

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