June 24, 2024
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Navy and Under Armour Release Submarine-Themed Army-Navy Game Uniforms

Navy Athletics and Under Armour will honor the Silent Service with its submarine-themed uniform Navy Football will wear for the 124th Army-Navy Game on December 9th.

The entire uniform is flooded with Eclipse Navy (UA’s darkest shade of navy blue) to mimic the covert design of a submarine hull. The uniform was purposefully designed to embody the Force’s nickname: Silent Service. The overall design was intended to be simple and utilitarian to convey the stealth purposes of a submarine’s design.

The design elements of the font are in contrasting white to mimic the classification numbers of a submarine hull. These elements were strategically selected to only highlight elements that require on-field legibility, like the player numbers, player names, the NAVY wordmark, the USMC globe, and the Under Armour logo.

The Details

The gloves and sleeve patch feature the Naval Academy Athletics anchor. The gloves and sleeve patch feature the Naval Academy Athletics anchor locked up with the Submarine Warfare insignia or “dolphins/fish”. The hard-earned badge distinguishes and identifies the members of the submarine community and has since become a source of pride for the silent service. On the pants, numbers are stacked vertically to mimic the depth numbers of a submarine hull. The back neck of the uniform features the slogan “Silent  Service” and the silhouette of a U.S. submarine on top of a sonar screen dotted with stars to indicate targets.

Honoring Submariners

Each helmet is hand-painted, with the right side depicting a Virginia Class Submarine underwater and the left side showing Navy’s customary Navy anchor with the submariner pin integrated into it with color-changing pragmatic paint. The front flex panel depicts a color-changing sonar that is used on submarines to find their target. The front decal of the helmet says Navy, while the back decal says Silent Service.

USS Massachusetts Patch

Selected to honor the USS MASSACHUSETTS (SSN 798) – the ninth ship of the name in service of the United States, dating back to the earliest days of the Continental Navy. The USS Massachusetts will be the 25th Virginia-class nuclear submarine to enter U.S. Navy service and will reside in Groton, CT, after commissioning.

The Cleats

The cleats are crafted with a pattern reflecting waves and movement of the sea. As with the pant details, the cleats also feature the use of Under Armour’s sea. As with the pant details, the cleats also feature the use of Under Armour’s darkest shade of navy blue alongside the white vertical NAVY wordmark.

The 124th Army-Navy Game will be held at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough< Massachusetts, on December 9, 2024, and broadcast on CBS.

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