December 1, 2023
Annapolis, US 46 F

In Response to Recent Shooting, Annapolis Police Develop Another Crime Plan

The Annapolis Police Department has announced that in light of the recent uptick in violence and the recent shooting on Clay Street, they have formed a new unit to battle the crimes. The department implemented similar plans in July of 2020, October of 2021, July of 2022, and once again in July of 2023. The following are the details of the plan, per the Annapolis Police Department.

On Tuesday afternoon, November 14, 2023 at 5:12 pm, while a funeral repast was occurring on Clay Street near Obery Court, individuals pulled up in a stolen car along with another occupied vehicle and began shooting. Thankfully no one was struck by the gunfire. 

Based on the recent uptick in violence, particularly discharges and shootings, the Annapolis Police Department developed a crime plan to address and mitigate the violence. Our objective is the deterrence and prevention of violent crimes through our increased presence, community engagement and targeted enforcement of violent criminals and illegal firearm possession. We have created a new unit called SEAT (Special Enforcement Action Team), which will engage violent criminals who are repeat offenders, prioritize serving warrants for violent crimes, seize illegal firearms, question those we arrest for intelligence on criminal activity, and dismantle drug trafficking organizations. 

Our patrol officers also have an increased presence in our city and they will investigate any illegal activity, arrest those who are committing crimes, and engage directly with the communities we serve. 

Effective immediately, all activities by these units will be directly supervised by our three captains, Justin Klinedinst, Amy Miguez and Lamar Howard. Our captains will conduct daily inspections of the units involved in implementing this phase of the crime plan. This action will ensure compliance and ensure that we are making necessary adjustments to this phase of the crime plan as we remove more violent criminals from the streets.

“As always, we’d like to thank the officers who make this possible by putting themselves on the frontlines every day to ensure the safety of our fair city,” says Police Chief Ed Jackson. He continues, “We want to assure the people of Annapolis that we care about their safety and the safety of our officers, as they confront this crime wave and work to stop the ramp up in violence that we are experiencing. A well trained, well informed Police Department is what makes the difference between security and disorder. We work hard to keep the capital city safe, and we strive to make it a beautiful place in which we all can live, work, and enjoy in peace.”

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