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SMOK Novo 4: How to Fix an “Ohms Too Low” Error

The Novo series of pod vaping systems has traditionally been SMOK’s solution for people who enjoy the convenience and small size of a pod-based device but want the experience to be as convenient as possible. The pods for almost all SMOK Novo devices have built-in coils, which means that you enjoy the fresh flavor of a new coil every time you replace the pod. 

With the Novo 4, SMOK tried something a little different by giving the device a replaceable coil instead of a built-in one. Using a device with a replaceable coil has some benefits. It gives you more flexibility in terms of vapor production and flavor intensity. Replacement coils also cost less than pods, so using a vaping device with a replaceable coil helps to control your recurring expenses.

There are drawbacks, however, to using a device with a replaceable coil. Switching to the Novo 4 after using a device with a built-in coil increases the amount of maintenance you need to perform. If you do something incorrectly, your Novo 4 may display an error message you’ve never seen before such as “Ohms Too Low” or “Ohms Too High.” 

The good news is that the fixes for these errors are usually quite simple. In this article, we’ll explain what you need to do. Before we get started, though, what’s actually happening when your Novo 4 displays one of these errors?

What Is a Novo 4 “Ohms Too Low” or “Ohms Too High” Error?

In vaping, the electrical resistance of the atomizer coil is one of the factors that determines the amperage drawn from the battery. It’s important for the amperage to be within the battery’s safe limits, so a device like the SMOK Novo 4 scans the coil resistance to confirm that it’s within the expected range. The Novo 4 is compatible with a limited set of coils, so it knows what the resistance of the installed coil should be. No Novo 4 coil should ever be outside the expected range. If it is, the device will stop operating and display the message “Ohms Too Low” or “Ohms Too High.”

Confirm that the Pod and Coil Are Correct

The SMOK Novo 4 only works with SMOK Novo 4 pods and SMOK LP1 coils. If your Novo 4 displays an error message indicating that the coil’s resistance is too low or too high, the first thing that you should do is confirm you’re using the correct hardware. If you do manage to get a different SMOK coil or Novo pod to fit in your device, it won’t work.

You also need to make sure that the coil is installed correctly when using the SMOK Novo 4. If you look at the base of a SMOK LP1 coil, you’ll see that it has two flat edges to ensure correct installation. The flat edges at the base of the pod need to align with the flat edges at the bottom of the Novo 4 pod. If they don’t align, you won’t be able to push the coil in all the way. In that case, the Novo 4 may read the coil’s resistance incorrectly. The pod may also leak, which is an issue we’ll discuss in further detail shortly.

Confirm that the Wattage Is Correct for the Installed Coil

The SMOK Novo 4 operates at a maximum power of 25 watts, but that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily work well with all coils at that power level. If you set the device’s power level too high, the device will probably produce a burnt flavor – but that’s not all. When a vape coil overheats, the resulting stress to the metal can cause the coil’s resistance to change. In that case, the Novo 4 may say that the coil’s resistance is too low or too high. If the coil has been damaged due to overheating, there’s no way to fix this error; you’ll need to replace the coil.

There are five different coils in the SMOK LP1 series, and each coil is compatible with the Novo 4. These are the power levels that SMOK suggests for each of the five coils.

  • Meshed 0.8-ohm coil: 12 watts
  • DC MTL 0.8-ohm coil: 12 watts
  • Meshed 1.2-ohm coil: 10-15 watts
  • Meshed 0.9-ohm MTL coil: 17 watts
  • Turbo Meshed 0.9-ohm MTL coil: 17 watts

Replace the Coil

Is your Novo 4 still displaying an error message about the coil’s resistance even though you’re certain that the device’s configuration is correct? In this case, it’s possible that the coil is damaged or defective. Try installing a new coil. If the Novo 4 still doesn’t work, move the new coil to a new pod and try vaping again.

Check for a Leak Under the Pod

If you’re unable to resolve the Novo 4’s “Ohms Too Low” or “Ohms Too High” error message with the advice given so far in this guide, you should remove the pod and examine the chamber at the top of the Novo 4. If you see e-liquid in the chamber, the pod has leaked. The moisture is preventing the Novo 4 from detecting the coil’s resistance correctly. Here’s what you should do if your Novo 4 leaks. 

  • Dry the inside of the Novo 4 and the underside of the pod with a paper towel. Make sure that the coil is aligned correctly and pushed all the way in. If everything looks good, try vaping again.
  • If the Novo 4 still isn’t working, remove the pod again. Blow hard through the airflow control ring while holding a paper towel over the chamber at the top of the Novo 4. If the paper towel is wet, you’ve successfully expelled some of the vape juice from the inside of the device. Dry the chamber at the top of the Novo 4 and try vaping again.
  • If the device still isn’t working, place the Novo 4 in a plastic bag with desiccant packets for a couple of days. Hopefully, the desiccant will absorb the last of the moisture from the Novo 4 and get the device working again.

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