July 13, 2024
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Local Business Spotlight: Irish Restaurant Company

So the name “Irish Restaurant Company” may not be too familiar, but if I were to say Galway Bay, Killarney House, Brian Boru, Pirates Cove, or Egg Nog, you might perk up!

Today, we speak with GM Sean Lynch,  and co-owner Anthony Clarke about their four restaurants and how each has become not only a restaurant in a community but a part OF the community. From fundraising dinners to making the staff and customers feel truly like family. 

We talk about the Axis of Evil (trivia team at Galway’s Pub Quiz Night) and their donations to Box of Rain; and the $800,000 in charitable contributions that the Irish Restaurant Company has facilitated and contributed to that goes back to our community.

Galway Bay got a renovation recently as did Killarney House, and up this winter–Pirate’s Cove! New menus and of course, egg nog.

Yes, the famous Galway Bay Egg Nog is currently on a slow boat from Ireland, and this year they are bringing in 2 containers worth–according to Anthony it is about 4,600 bottles! But you can find it at any of their restaurants, most area liquor stores, and even online (but they cannot ship so you need to pick it up at a restaurant).  And don’t forget, the special Galway Bay Egg Nog Ice Cream is available too in partnership with Always Ice Cream!

Truly a great organization and a great bunch of people!

Have a listen!


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