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The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Short-Term Disability Insurance Claim

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Short-term disability insurance covers the losses you incur when you experience a temporary disability. For example, you have been hit by a car and sustained severe damage. You cannot go to work until you have fully recovered. It is obvious that you will lose money during the period that you can’t go to work. The short-term disability insurance covers this loss.

You will receive this money until you are fully recovered or until your benefit period ends. If you think about it, this is a pretty good policy that can save you in times of crisis. However, there is a slight problem. Actually, it’s a huge problem. Insurance companies are profit-driven, greedy monsters that will not compensate you adequately.

Insurance companies will try everything in their power to deny your claim. This fact makes hiring a short-term disability attorney necessary. Experienced lawyers can protect you from insurance companies and get you fair compensation for your losses.

Benefits of Hiring a Short-Term Disability Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer has many benefits. The following are some of the important benefits that make it necessary to hire a lawyer: 

Expertise in Disability Law

It is fair to assume that you have little to zero knowledge of the laws regarding short-term disability. You may pull an all-nighter and read all about disability law, but that is nowhere near a replacement for a lawyer.

A lawyer will have a strong grasp of the complex laws that surround a disability insurance claim. They can guide you through the claim process and get you fair compensation.

Protection from the Insurance Company

As said, insurance companies are profit-driven and will try any means to reject your claim. They will deny, delay, and defend your claim to make you give up or accept a lowball offer.

If you have a lawyer by your side, they will not let insurance companies get away with these kinds of strategies. They know all the strategies followed by insurance companies and will counter them effectively.

Proper Documentation

One of the common reasons why a claim gets rejected is due to mistakes in documents. Insurance companies will reject a claim even for missed full stops. You need to be very careful when filing a claim.

A lawyer can ensure proper documentation. They avoid mistakes like inadequate and incorrect information. 

Reduce Stress

A short-term disability insurance claim is pretty long, tiring, and frustrating. On top of all this, you will be dealing with a lot already due to your injuries. During this time, all you need to focus on is recovering from your injuries.

But you won’t be allowed to do that because of the insurance company. They will constantly disturb you. You can avoid all this by hiring a lawyer. If you have a lawyer, the insurance company will not directly contact you. They must go through your lawyer. 

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Another trick of insurance companies is offering lowball compensation. The offers they make will not even cover 50% of your actual damages. Accepting this offer would be a grave mistake.

You need to negotiate with the insurance company to get fair compensation. You can submit relevant evidence to make the insurance company agree to your terms. To do all this, you need a good understanding of the law. Guess who already has it? You are right. Lawyers do. They can negotiate a fair settlement.

Wrapping Up

Short-term disability insurance is important to save you from financial crisis. If you don’t get the insurance, you will be in a lot of trouble and debt. Hire a lawyer and let them deal with the insurance company to get fair compensation. Hiring a lawyer certainly reduces your stress and allows you to focus on your recovery.

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