October 3, 2023
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Online Loans Can Give You Easy Access to Emergency Cash

You never know what’s just around the corner – a broken boiler in the depths of winter, an urgent car repair as you’re trying to get to work – and life doesn’t always allow you to prepare. This can be made more difficult if you’re struggling to make your income go further. According to CashFloat, who specializes in online payday loans UK can help. Applying for loans online means quick and easy access to cash to help you when you need it most. Read on as we take a closer look at these loans and their benefits. 

Understanding online loans 

Borrowing money is an age-old concept, and whilst the first thing we think of when talking about loans may be the bank, there is a new, advanced way of borrowing that is becoming more popular in the form of online lenders. These lenders offer a range of loan options, like payday, short-term, and same-day loans that are widely accessible to a range of people, no matter their credit score. They can be particularly helpful when faced with an unprecedented expense, as the application process is quick and easy, and can be complete from the comfort of your own home. 

These lenders often provide more lenient approval terms, but it helps to be aware that the short-term nature of these loans come with higher interest rates and a shorter repayment period. 


One of the most notable benefits when it comes to online loans and lenders is that they are incredibly accessible – more so than traditional options like bank loans. These lenders are based online and require less paperwork than you’d need when applying for a bank loan. The process is completed online which means you can apply at your leisure from the comfort of your own home. The process is seamless and user-friendly, allowing borrowers to get in touch with lenders with regard to their application if needed.

These lenders also pride themselves on offering money quickly. When you’ve completed your application, the approval process begins, and if you’re successful, could benefit from money in your account in as little as a couple of hours or days – depending on your lender. When dealing with emergencies, this is essential. 

Diverse options 

Online loan lenders offer a range of diverse options to cater for various financial needs. Whether that’s a payday loan to help you bridge the gap between paycheques, an instalment loan, or a short-term loan with a longer repayment period to allow you to manage this more easily, there are a range of lenders to suit you. Compare lenders online to find the best option to suit your needs, ensuring you choose a reputable option by reading reviews and feedback from other customers to help you make your decision. 

Minimal documentation

When applying for a loan at a bank, you will need to provide extensive documentation to allow your lender to determine whether you’re a trustworthy borrower, and the risk of which lending to you poses to them. This could mean many visits to a physical bank, which is not ideal when leading a busy lifestyle. Online lenders provide a streamlined application process, allowing you to apply for your loan online easily, in a few simple steps. 

Flexibility in repayment 

As online lenders offer a range of loans, you can choose from a variety of flexible repayment terms. If you’re looking for a payday loan to help you deal with an emergency, you will be required to pay this back within a month. If you’re looking for a loan with a longer term, like a short-term loan which typically ranges from 3 months to a year, this is also an option to consider. Get to know the repayment periods offered for various types of loans before choosing and entering into an agreement. 


This is one of the most notable benefits that comes with online loans in the UK. Eligibility is more lenient, which means even if you have a low credit score, you can benefit from additional finance to help you when you need it most. Your chosen lender will base their decisions on whether you can afford to pay back the loan – so if you can show them, with bank statements for proof of income, that you can afford to pay back the loan, you can benefit from financial help should you need it. 

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