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A Guide to Curating the Perfect Subscription Box for Customers

Subscriptions to your favorite brands are a great way to enjoy a monthly treat, whether you’re receiving some delicious foodie goodies, luxurious beauty products, a gripping book, or some fine wines to sample. They grew in popularity over the last decade and remain to be a way that consumers enjoy spending their money and discovering new and exciting products to try. 

This is why it’s a good idea to offer a subscription service for your customers, particularly if you are an eCommerce business. If you’re an independent retailer who is thinking about starting a subscription service for your loyal customers, here are some tips on how to put together the perfect box for them.

Include Useful Items

Of course, you will be sending your subscribers some exciting products that they will love, but you need to offer them something a little bit more if they are signing up for a subscription box. Think about the other items you can include that will be useful for your subscribers and complement the products inside. For example, if you’re sending out beauty products like a bath soak, adding exfoliating gloves they can use when bathing can be useful to them. You might also want to place some scented candles so that they can create a relaxing atmosphere when they want to take a bath. It’s these extra items that will make their subscription worthwhile. It also doubles up as a good opportunity to give out some free samples of other products that they might be interested in, which could result in more purchases of your products. 

Pay Attention to Packaging

The products inside your subscription boxes may be the stars of the show, but your packaging has to be great, too. People expect to see stylish boxes arrive at their homes that reflect the quality of the contents inside. You should also ensure that your packaging choices reflect your business brand to help it become more memorable. If you do want to go the extra mile (and you should if you want to make a great impression), consider including personalized notes to your customers with their subscription boxes. For direct mail for eCommerce, you could even hire services to make handwritten notes that add a more human element to your boxes rather than digitally printed notes or cards.

Keep it Fresh

If you are going to start a subscription service, make sure that you have enough products to keep these boxes new and exciting. After a few months, if your subscribers are just getting sent the same content, this will get boring and only encourage them to unsubscribe. It’s OK to send out a few customer favorites again once in a while, but ultimately, your subscribers are looking for new things to try. If they love a certain product you have included, they’ll just buy more of it from you, anyway!

You may also want to consider offering your customers a flexible approach to their subscriptions, such as being able to skip a month if they need to and no fees for cancellation. This will encourage more people to sign up and try your subscription service and give you the chance to wow them with your products! So, if you are going to start a service like this for your business, use these tips to help you curate the perfect subscription box your customers will love.

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